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Christ Our Shepherd Ministries

Mission Statement

Our mission: To empower, minister to, and advocate for the unique needs of single parents.

About Us

For 19 years, we have provided a developmental curriculum, affordable rates, and Christian environment for children and families enrolled in our programs. We serve a diversity of families, but our mission is to be an advocate of those single parent households who need help with the cost of childcare plus other financial needs.
For single working parents who qualify financially, we provide tuition scholarships so that their children can attend high quality child care. The importance of early childhood education is well documented, plus our assistance keeps that single parent in the workforce. We take a two-generational approach by offering budgeting and other life skills classes to the parents in order to stabilize the household. WE also help families by collaborating with community partners to provide school supplies, Christmas gifts, clothing, and groceries when needed.

Where We Work

What We Do

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COSKids is a 5 STAR rated childcare facility, and our goal is to provide your child with an exciting, educational and spiritual experience that will enhance his/her cognitive, physical, social, emotional and creative development. Our desire is to create a love of learning, a joy of discovery, and a positive attitude towards the educational process. We foster a thirst for learning about God and His world.

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United States of America

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