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Christ\'s Hope USA

Mission Statement

Bringing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS through discipling and care giving, presenting them perfect in Christ Jesus.

About Us

The global AIDS pandemic is perhaps the most dire and complicated tragedy in human history, and its ramifications will affect our world in ways that we cannot imagine. There is no human wisdom or power that can stop it in time to prevent the loss and suffering of many millions of people. We need the hand of our merciful God to act on our behalf, and we trust that He will through the prayers of His people. You can join with us in our prayer ministry and pray for the specific needs of Christ's Hope
As the AIDS crisis continued its ravages through sub-Saharan Africa, secular and religious responses to the crisis struggled to make a dent in the rising tide. The outpouring of support and money was achieving only limited success, often due to the fragmented nature of such responses and a lack of Afro-centric tools that addressed not only HIV and AIDS, but also the circumstances that caused the crisis itself. With the disappearance of an entire generation from HIV and AIDS, the opportunity to break the cycle and lead a Christ-centered lifestyle has become the single hope for African children today.

For Jos and Sylvia Holtzhausen, after years of working and focusing on the AIDS pandemic in Namibia, it became apparent that a new approach was needed. Because of the size and scope of the crisis and the devastating effects of the pandemic on society, it became clear that only an evangelical approach would do. Founded by the Holtzhausens, Namibian nationals with thirty years of ministry experience, and an international cast of pastors and faith-based organization contacts, Christ's Hope International began operations in Namibia in 2003. Since it's founding, Christ's Hope International has expanded into fourteen nations worldwide.

What We Do

Children/Youth - Learn more

Christ's Hope International cares of the AIDS affected child through Ministry CarePoints. Ministry CarePoints are strategically located centers that provide children with holistic care, biblical teaching, and the ability to live with extended or foster families rather than being institutionalized or living on the streets.

Locations Served
Congo (Democratic Republic)
South Africa

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