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Mission Statement

CITYarts engages youth and professional artists in the creation of public art, including murals and mosaic. Through this creative process, CITYarts empowers, educates, and connects youth and children locally and around the world to become active participants in realizing their potential and transforming communities.

About Us

CITYarts' projects frequently foster community revitalization by galvanizing businesses, schools, and community organizations into developing youth programs and constructing playgrounds and gardens. Thinking globally and acting locally, CITYarts' projects build bridges of cultural understanding, giving youth the opportunity to take an active role in shaping their own future.

In 2001, following the tragic events of 9/11, Executive and Creative Director Tsipi Ben-Haim saw the need to facilitate a greater understanding among people of different cultures – especially among youth. She started the Young Minds Build Bridges program to connect young people around the globe by allowing them to share their vision of peace through art. CITYarts is now a global arts organization, connecting youth in 65 countries on 6 continents, to date, through our Pieces for Peace workshops. By now, we all realize that “Thinking globally and acting locally” is not a choice but the necessity of our times – we truly live in a global community.

What We Do

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Young Minds Build Bridges strengthens bonds among youth worldwide and helps to foster positive relationships among young people from diverse backgrounds. This program includes Pieces for Peace art education workshops, the Pieces for Peace international traveling exhibition and Peace Wall murals.

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