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Mission Statement

Our mission is to alleviate hunger and its root causes in Clark County, WA.

About Us

Clark County Food Bank (CCCFB) began its mission of Alleviating Hunger and Its Root Causes in 1985 to serve hungry people in Clark County, WA. In the last 30 years, local food pantries have formed, coalitions have united, and the community has rallied to build our current warehouse and distribution center. In FY2014 we distributed 6 million pounds of food (the equivalent of 5 million meals) to the hungry. Thirty-eight percent were families with children.

Where We Work

What We Do

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Clark County Food Bank’s mission is to alleviate hunger and its root causes. Last year, we distributed 5.4 million pounds of food, which equates to roughly 4.5 million meals, through our partner agencies and programs working in Clark County. If you are interested in being a part of this food distribution, we encourage you to find a local pantry and see how you can work with them. Some organizations in our community have been serving for decades, and some are relatively new, some are very large, and some are small. Most importantly, all of them care deeply about helping others and alleviating hunger in Clark County.

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