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Mission Statement

The mission of KidsTek is to increase the technology literacy of Colorado's under-served children and youth by providing free technology education through innovative after-school programs. KidsTek provides an extensive technology curriculum for Colorado schools and youth service organizations with a goal of providing the tools for long-term academic, behavioral and career success.

About Us

Reading, writing, computing and arithmetic - The fundamentals of education have changed. It's hard to imagine a job that doesn't use a computer in some way shape or form, yet Colorado's school system has struggled to close the technology gap for under-resourced youth.

The gap between rich and poor is also a gap between those who have access to the opportunities technology brings and those without. In 2004, KidsTek, in collaboration with the University of Denver's Colorado Community-Based Research Network wrote a research study of the technology gap in Colorado - and its ramifications for our kids. Since KidsTek's inception, we have been working to to bridge that digital divide.

Where We Work

What We Do

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Connecting the resources and opportunities of the technology sector with the technology education needs of kids in Colorado's underserved communities.

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