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Mission Statement

Our story starts with a dream. Common Heart is a dream. It is God's dream. It is God's heart of love, shared by us, for our world, our community, our neighborhoods and all our neighbors.

About Us

Common Heart, a grassroots movement in Union County NC, started in July 2006 with the simple desire of four friends to bridge the gap between our faith and concrete practical demonstrations of God's love.
This rag tag group grew behind the scenes and was hidden for years. Many new friends joined in. We just served, loved and grew.
A simple desire caught on. As we shared with folks, we had a simple thought: maybe it is as simple as loving God and loving people. It has become a small revolution of kindness to love our neighbors and serve those in need.
What began in 2006 as four friends, is now more than 250 friends serving hungry families each and every month! In June 2015, as we entered our 10th year, we delivered a week's worth of groceries to more than 1,025 people and served another 938 through our traditional pantry. That's 568 families in one month.
It takes a community. And we are grateful for our community of volunteers, donors, friends, supporters, businesses, and agencies.

Where We Work

What We Do

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Common Cupboard is a food pantry established in 2006 by Common Heart. It is a community resource powered by a cadre of caring people reaching out to serve neighbors in need. More than 350 hungry families each month receive about a week's worth of groceries delivered with love by someone who cares. An additional 300 families each month receive food from our traditional pantries, Common Cupboard at Mill Grove and at Union UMC. We do some things a little different than most food pantries. It has a lot to do with why we got started and our desire to equip people to serve, hands on.

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