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COMPASIO Relief & Development

Mission Statement

We are motivated by compassion, in the context of relationship, to love, protect and empower those who are vulnerable.

About Us

The heart of our work is found in the name “Compasio”. It is composed of two latin words: “Cum” meaning with, together, along and the word “Passio” meaning to suffer or to endure. Together, Compasio means to “suffer or endure with” and that is where we start. We seek to enter into the suffering of others and then work together to find the way out.

Compasio has been responding on behalf of children at-risk along the border of Thailand and Burma since 2006. Our intentional and ongoing relationships within the communities we serve, allow us to better understand the issues, the culture, the obstacles and ultimately the best way we can respond. In collaboration with local organizations and networks, we pursue a holistic approach in everything we do.

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9111 N Oregon Ave
Kansas City, MO 64154



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