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Mission Statement

Concord Mediation Center creates pathways of constructive dialogue and conflict resolution through consensus building activities of mediation, facilitation and education.

About Us

Conflict happens.
When individuals cannot agree, relationships suffer.
When co-workers won't cooperate, productivity plummets.
When strife occurs in the community, progress stalls.
When stress, emotions and the complexity of the problem cause conversations to escalate out of control or if your usual problem solving skills aren't working, Concord Mediation Center can help you find a peaceful way to handle conflict.
Each year, we help people - just like you - in Douglas and Sarpy Counties in Nebraska.
Since 1999, we have been committed to serving all, regardless of ability to pay for our services. If your income and household size quality you for a sliding scale fee, your fee will be based on your ability to pay. Generous donations help subsidize the costs of services.

What We Do

Education - Learn more

Concord Mediation Center's staff and affiliated mediators specialize in alternative and innovative methods to manage personal or professional conflicts. A straight-forward approach facilitated by trained professionals identifies underlying perspectives which are discussed and then used as a basis for building solutions agreeable to all involved.

Locations Served
United States of America
Nebraska United States of America

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