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Mission Statement

To provide hope and healing for grieving children and teens.

About Us

The Cove is the preeminent agency in Connecticut working with grieving children, and acts as a national leader among children's grief programs. With 7 Cove Family Sites and statewide programming for schools, outreach and professional development, it is an important resource for Connecticut's grieving children.
For over 22 years, The Cove has provided programs that have helped children, teens and their families deal with the grieving process. These support initiatives were designed to create a positive change with real results. Our goals and results include; helping children understand the grieving process, how to communicate openly, how to ask for help, how to avoid the negative effects of unresolved childhood grief and, most importantly, to help them understand they are in supported and served in a safe and healing environment. We help children understand that within each of them is the capacity to heal. We promote continuous safeguards against depression, drug and sexual addictions, delinquency, increased school dropout rates, nonproductive behavior, suicide and other detrimental outcomes of unresolved grief. We help children identify and eliminate obstacles that might hinder them in their healing process. We also help parents and caretakers in understanding grief and how to appropriately support their children's grieving and healing processes.

With 7 satellite sites, The Cove is able to reach families across the state of CT in need of bereavement support though our unique model designed to strengthen family communication, resiliency and provide support and education for children and teens to access as they travel the difficult journey through grief. The Cove organized the first two National Symposia on Children's Grief Support, drawing together hundreds of children's grief professionals from around the country to share learning. Out of these sessions, The National Alliance for Grieving Children was formed and has recognized Cove founder Mary Ann Emswiler with an award for her groundbreaking work in bringing together a national network of bereavement organizations. The Cove is proud to partner with The Moyer Foundation to provide Camp Erin CT, a free 3 day bereavement camp for grieving children in the tristate area. Camp Erin celebrated its 5th camp season in 2017, serving 120 children ages 6-17 years of age.

The Cove also provides Cove in Schools programming for elementary through high school students. The program is a train the trainer model, enabling school systems to continue the program on their own after they have completed a 10 week cycle. The Cove also provides professional development trainings for professionals and individuals working with grieving children in the community as well as community outreach and referral.

The Cove continues to be a member of The National Alliance for Grieving Children. Cove founders Jim and Mary Ann Emswiler's book , Guiding Your Child Through Grief has been featured in Time Magazine and on The Today Show. Cove personnel speak locally and nationally on the topic of childhood grief and have been contacted to consult on articles for Time and Newsweek magazines and

Where We Work

What We Do

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The Cove provides family and school-based programs utilizing the peer support group concept for helping children, teens and families work with their unresolved grief due to the death of someone significant in their lives. The Cove also provides professional development and training for adults working with children and teens.

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Coordinating Office
250 Pomeroy Ave., Suite 107
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