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Mission Statement

We design and deliver alternative programming around the world to schools, educators, community organizations and the workplace. We Cause Bold Leaders!

About Us

BoldLeaders has designed a full range of one-of-a-kind learning and professional development offerings to compliment any situation, need or setting. We develop all our work to seamlessly integrate with, compliment and enhance your current efforts. Workshops such Elemental Human Resourcesâ„¢, Listening Like Your Life Depends On Itâ„¢, the Perspective Box and Components of Leadership are internationally recognized and create a foundation for increased participation, self-authorship and sustained learning. Specialized training for teachers, mentors and facilitators include written material, online platforms and coaching opportunities.

Facilitators trained in BoldLeaders' distinctive style create environments that actively engage, provoke and foster high levels of participation that deepens and sustains learning, connects individuals and grounds new understanding in relevant contexts.

Where We Work

What We Do

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For over 20 years we have been fortunate enough to be on the leading edge of conversations about education in many parts of the world. Using our flexible Design Platforms and backed by the BoldLeader Principles we have created unique pedagogy that has been prototyped, tested and refined.

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