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Mission Statement

Mobilizing the people of God to share the Good News with children through church-led, school-based clubs

About Us

Crossroads Kids Club is a free after-school club for elementary school children. Using the Bible as a base, children attending a Crossroads Kids Club program have a great time while learning positive life skills such as honesty, respect for parents, making wise choices and being trustworthy. Each club session has three main components. There is a large group lesson, a small group discussion and a game time. Sometimes children also have the opportunity to make craft projects or to participate in service learning experiences.

Crossroads Kids Club is a safe place for children. All club programs are led by local churches. Per their signed agreement with Crossroads Kids Club each church is required to check references and conduct a background check on every adult who is part of their team. One of our key goals is to create a community of adult “cheerleaders” who will encourage your child to be the best that he or she can be. We want each adult to be a positive role model and a safe person. As well, because the club takes place in school immediately after school, we avoid safety issues related to transportation.

Crossroads Kids Club is a fun place for children. The lesson times are designed to be highly interactive and engaging. As well, kids enjoy playing a variety of games and spending time with their friends. We have found that many kids don't want to leave when club time ends because they had such a great time!

Crossroads Kids Club is an encouraging place for children. Many of the site directors have a “student of the week” to recognize and celebrate each child. Still others are careful to recognize children on their birthdays. Always, the leadership seeks to be affirming and caring. We believe that each child is made in the image of God and has incredible value. Each one is unique and we hope that participating in a Crossroads Kids Club will help a child to see that they are special because God made them for a purpose that they alone can fulfill.

Where We Work

What We Do

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Crossroads helps churches (and schools) understand and navigate the nuances of a proper separation of church and state. The Constitution does not permit the state to establish or endorse any particular faith or religious viewpoint, but it does require the state to remain “viewpoint neutral.” In addition to Constitutional issues, Crossroads helps churches to obtain and understand local policies and procedures related to the use of space by community groups.

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United States of America

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This is one of the most unique programs helping kids that I have ever seen. It touches kids where they spend so much time ... in their schools. Many people feel like the public school situation is void of spiritual influence, but Crossroads Kids Club works with the schools and local churches to give these children an opportunity to grow in mind and spirit.



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