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Crossroads Rhode Island

Mission Statement

The mission of Crossroads Rhode Island is to help homeless or at-risk individuals and families secure stable homes. Those we serve achieve this by engaging in our range of services including housing, basic needs, shelter, case management, referrals, and education and employment services.

About Us

Today we are the largest homeless services organization in Rhode Island. We have become much more than a place to sleep. In addition to shelter and basic needs, We offer:

Hundreds of affordable housing units for families and individuals
Comprehensive case management
Education and employment services
24-hour/7 day a week emergency services

Where We Work

What We Do

Poverty - Learn more

We own and operate hundreds of permanent supportive housing units in Rhode Island. We have housing solutions appropriate for a variety of households. We have an Education and Employment Services team dedicated to providing high quality adult education, job training, and support to homeless and at-risk individuals. We offer families and individuals who are experiencing homelessness emergency, shelter that is safe, respectful, and effective. We operate multiple shelters in order to best serve the specific needs of diverse situations.

Locations Served
United States of America

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