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Mission Statement

When natural or man made disasters strikes, whether it be flooding in the banana plantations of Costa Rica, the ill effects of hurricanes Mitch and Felix in Nicaragua, or the destruction caused by government bulldozers they are there to fill the need but more importantly to tell those hurting about a God who loves them.

About Us

Reconciliation of a sinful man to a Holy God, is only made possible through a holy sacrifice. Jesus Christ became that sacrifice. God the Father sent Him on a mission, a mission to redeem mankind. His blood was shed for our sins. His beating was for our healing, and his death for our eternal life. He fulfilled his task when He cried on the cross, "It is finished!" Now it is up to us as to what we do with this knowledge.

What We Do

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Dan Salas Ministries’ cry to the Lord for years has been, “Here I am, send me.” DSM’s mission field is forever expanding, but for the moment it is Guatemala on the north and Columbia to the south, along with the Caribbean.

Locations Served
El Salvador
Costa Rica

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