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Mission Statement

The Diabetes Aid and Research Fund's mission is to address the challenges of individuals with diabetes by working together with them and other organizations to achieve a healthier lifestyle - one free of diabetes.

About Us

DARF is dedicated to providing information about nutrition and diabetes to the general public.

DARF also sponsors and supports continuing research into methodologies for treating diabetes and other degenerative diseases.

The organizational services and programs include research grants to hospitals and medical clinics to assist with their work in the field of diabetes and related disease treatments, providing medical supplies used in the treatment of diabetes to hospitals and clinics, and sponsoring programs specifically for children with diabetes.

DARF also provides information to victims of diabetes and their families, so they may be informed and learn more about the disease they now have to cope with.

Where We Work

What We Do

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DARF partners with Christian World Relief to bring food and medicine for the sick and needy children around the world. Children who would fall victim to diseases, such as diabetes, can be given nutritious food and medicine. CWR helps restore the lives of people and renew their communities.

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United States of America

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