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Eagle Creek Park Foundation, Inc.

Mission Statement

The Eagle Creek Park Foundation provides volunteer and financial support to promote, preserve, protect, and enhance Eagle Creek Park.

About Us

In 1978 the Eagle Creek Park Citizens Advisory Committee decided to form a fundraising Foundation to enhance financial support for the park. From 9 original members, the Foundation now has more than 1,100 members and over the years has provided over $3 million for projects and programming. The taxpayers of Marion County provide one of the lowest levels of financial support for its parks of any similar sized city in the country, and this support has been reduced dramatically in recent years. As a result, funds for projects and programs in Eagle Creek Park are scarce.
Eagle Creek Park is an island of nature surrounded by an urban landscape. Development, invasive plants, and animal overpopulation increasingly threaten the park. Preserving and protecting the park's diverse habitats as well as providing funds for trail restoration, environmental education, and enhancement of park amenities requires volunteer and financial support above and beyond the funding provided by the city. There is so much to be done to ensure Eagle Creek Park is here for our future generations. A truly unique contribution to the quality of life in Indianapolis cannot be sustained without help.

What We Do

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While common factors like development, invasive plants, and animal over-populations increasingly threaten the park, we need to sustain this natural oasis for future generations. Due to inadequate funding from city sources, we provide private funding to enhance the park and programs.

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7840 W 56th St
Indianapolis, IN 46254



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