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Mission Statement

The Mission of East End Community Services is to work with the people of East Dayton to bring about a prosperous, caring and healthy community.

About Us

We reach an unduplicated number of more than 2,000 people a year throughout the community. Including the children of these individuals, we reach more than 4,000 persons. To respond to the complex needs of immigrants and refugees, East End has many bilingual employees and one trilingual staff who speak English, Spanish and Arabic. Staff members include persons who have graduated from our service programs and adults who were once teens at our youth center.

Where We Work

What We Do

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Our goal is for people to move out of poverty and become stable, successful, and empowered. We accomplish this with a coordinated effort that provides a full range of services including help in preparing for, finding and maintaining employment, and advocacy/support services that address problems with housing, health care, nutrition, literacy, mental health counseling and other issues that affect basic quality of life.

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