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Mission Statement

Partnering with the poorest of the poor families - to see them embrace Hope in all of life.

About Us

Embracing Hope Ethiopia is a Christian Non-governmenal organization working among the poorest of the poor families living in the Kore' slum of Addis Ababa Ethiopia using holistic interventions to keep families together while preventing orphans. We provide Day Care, Nursery School / Kindergarten, Primary School, Feeding Program, Free Health Care, Basic Needs, HIV / Life Defining Illness Intervention, Social Work, Literacy and Life Skills Education, Micro-Savings / Micro-Grants Empowerment, and Spiritual Ministries - all within an environment of love and care that promotes dignity among the forgotten and cast off.

Since its beginning in 2011, EHE has grown to now serve almost 300 children, all of them young and vulnerable. The ministry has grown to now include a Day Care Center, School, Skills Center and Ministry Training Center. EHE now employs 60 Ethiopian staff who diligently serve children and mothers in holistic ways.

Where We Work

What We Do

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Our work is focused on meeting the needs of the poorest of the poor children in order to help them become healthy, get an education, grow spiritually and become productive citizens. All of this is done while trying to keep the child in their family of origin. In many cases the children we serve are either single orphans or are in the are of guardians or other family members. Our belief is that God put the child in that family in the first place, so we are here to do what it takes to preserve that family bond, while helping the whole family to grow holistically through the love of Jesus.

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