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Family Enhancement Center

Mission Statement

Through working with communities to provide innovative programs, family education and intervention; we are dedicated to keeping all children safe. The Family Enhancement Center believes in honoring the family in the healing process, yet first and foremost is an advocate for the safety and well-being of the child.

About Us

The Family Enhancement Center is a community based non-profit organization with a mission dedicated to keeping all children safe. For the past 20 years the Family Enhancement Center has worked to prevent child abuse and promote healing among children who have experienced abuse. Our philosophy, healing takes place with the involvement and support of the whole family. We don't just treat a child or a parent —we include the entire family in the healing experience. The Family Enhancement Center works to promote change by supporting the healing of children and families, while working in the community to create a culture where violence against youth is not accepted. We help restore children's dignity, self-worth and the potential for meaningful lives through creative, effective and innovative healing techniques.

Where We Work

What We Do

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When a children experiences abuse, their development is diverted and their physical and emotional well-being is compromised. Children suffer immediate emotional and physical health issues, and the repercussions of abuse linger throughout adolescence and into adulthood. If we explore the legacy of abuse on children, we see that these youth are more apt to struggle with depression, anxiety, social isolation, drug abuse and are at a much greater risk for future instances of abuse and unhealthy relationships, which are all contributing factors to violence in our society. The work of the Family Enhancement Center prevents abuse from happening in the first place and supports the healing process of youth already impacted by abuse; including child neglect, physical and sexual abuse. In 1993, the Family Enhancement Center began with one therapy program for youth who experienced abuse and with a goal of making an impact in prevention. Now 20+ years later, our services have expanded. We are unique in that we provide a twofold treatment process; healing for those affected by abuse, and community engagement to help prevent child abuse. Our service model includes expert therapists who are skilled in working with children and families impacted by abuse while exploring cutting edge trauma focused therapies.

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United States of America

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4826 Chicago Avenue, Suite 105
Minneapolis, MN 55417


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