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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Florida Green Building Coalition:

To administer certification programs based upon the green building standards
To award its certification mark to qualified projects
To educate the general public, businesses, institutional and governmental bodies of the long term benefits of sustainable development and green building practices
To encourage housing affordability by increasing building sustainability
To stimulate statewide acquaintance and fellowship among members and others interested in green building practices
To provide opportunities for members and other interested parties to increase their knowledge of green building practices.

About Us

FGBC was conceived and founded in the belief that green building programs will be most successful if there are clear and meaningful principles on which "green" qualification and marketing are based. We are a membership-based organization governed by a Board of Directors and corporate officers who are elected by the general membership.

The FGBC is continually finding new and innovative ways to educate builders, developers, local governments, and consumers about how to achieve a healthier, more environmentally sustainable future.

Where We Work

What We Do

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How many jobs are you missing by not knowing about them? We can help you uncover new business opportunities with comprehensive construction reports, related plans and project specifications. Through a special agreement, FGBC members can receive a 10 percent discount on Construction Journal services that can help you find and secure work. From private to public to stimulus projects, Construction Journal uncovers and reports detailed information on upcoming construction opportunities, primarily in the eastern United States with coverage from Florida to Maine.

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