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Mission Statement

Freedom 4/24 exists to raise awareness of the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of women and children around the world and to provide financial support to partner organizations dedicated to bringing freedom and doing justice.

About Us

What began as the audacious dream of a 19 year old college student to make a difference in the lives of sexually exploited girls in the red light areas of Bangkok, Thailand, has grown into a global effort to bringing freedom and doing justice for trafficked and exploited women and children.

As a nonprofit organization, Freedom 4/24 is committed to providing support and resources to individuals and organizations that are passionate about ending exploitation by providing a pathway to freedom for trafficked and exploited women and children. We financially partner with a variety of domestic and international organizations that provide a range of services aimed at bringing freedom and doing justice. Through our financial partner organizations (“FPOs”) we rescue and seek justice for women and children forced into prostitution, provide rehabilitation facilities and services to victims and their families, and seek to meet the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of sexually exploited women and children.

While each of our FPOs is directly impacting and meeting the needs of numerous victims and survivors, the fight against sexual exploitation and human trafficking does not end there. Each of us must act. Passivity is not an option. We cannot be bystanders. Each of us must take seriously the obligation we have to fill the role we are uniquely equipped to play in the fight against injustice. We are advocates, leaders, artists, caretakers, business people, teachers and more who can creatively and effectively employ our skills to further the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Just as Freedom 4/24 supports organizations in fulfilling their critical role in the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation, we want to inspire you as you discover and assume your vital and unique role in this global fight.

What We Do

Human Rights
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Raising awareness of human trafficking and financial support for partner organizations fighting sexual exploitation and trafficking

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