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Mission Statement

Freedom Firm's mission is to eradicate the sex trafficking of minors in India, a country that accounts for 25% of all child sex slaves in our world. We do this by working to Rescue minors who have been sold into the commercial sex trade, walk with them in the process of Restoration, and seek Justice against those who perpetrate these crimes.

About Us

For five years, Greg Malstead worked for International Justice Mission as their Operational Field Director in Mumbai and established their first anti sex trafficking work in India. During his time with IJM, Greg built a team of investigators, lawyers and social workers who partnered with local authorities to rescue and bring justice to victims of sex trafficking. The team led and participated in interventions that resulted in the rescue of over 450 victims of sex trafficking and the prosecution of more than 180 perpetrators. They successfully obtained convictions in 6 ground breaking cases.

Greg and his wife, Mala, passionately believed that the most effective way to create systemic change was through the rescue and legal work. They also recognized that the life of each rescued girl was profoundly damaged through their experiences. The girls identified themselves as commodities, accepting their “fate” and the lies the brothel keepers told them. They had no dreams for their future and no viable marketplace skills. The girls needed more than some counseling; they needed consistent, thorough restoration.

In 2006, intent on achieving the successful restoration of each rescued girl and empowered by the valuable lessons they had learned from their time with IJM, Greg and Mala founded Freedom Firm. Combining Greg's legal expertise with Mala's creative passion and teaching background, Freedom Firm now works to rescue girls, bring their perpetrators to justice and walk alongside each survivor as she begins her journey to restoration. Dedicated staff teach the girls crucial life skills, pave the way for dignity through employment and foster healthy independence.

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Human Rights
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Freedom Firm is dedicated to the liberation of children enslaved in the commercial sex trade, to their effective rehabilitation, and to justice against those who have profited from their misery. We unapologetically stand dedicated to this cause and this cause alone. Freedom Firm works to Rescue minors who have been sold into the commercial sex trade, walk with them through their journey toward Restoration and seek Justice against those who enslave them.

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