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Mission Statement

The GEANCO Foundation saves and transforms the lives of the poor and vulnerable in Africa.

We lead special medical missions, run maternal and infant health programs, and support primary schools in Nigeria. We are working with Stanford Hospital and many others to develop a world-class hospital in the country.

Together, we can bring Health and Hope to those in desperate need of both. Please join us!

About Us

The GEANCO Foundation was established in 2005 by Dr. Godwin Onyema, MD and his family.

While in high school in Nigeria, Godwin was inspired to dedicate his life to medicine by his loving father and a British missionary doctor who cared for his local community.

After graduating from medical school in 1974, Godwin immigrated to the United States with his new wife, Josephine (Nma). Before he left, Godwin promised to return one day to improve healthcare and save lives in his homeland.

A transition back to democracy in 1999 brought greater stability to Nigeria, allowing Godwin to begin his philanthropic effort in earnest. Together with his four children, Gozie, Afam, Ebele and Nche, Godwin recruited a team of passionate, brilliant individuals who committed themselves to making his dream a wonderful, life-saving reality.

Godwin's second son Afam leads GEANCO full-time. Afam graduated cum laude from Harvard University and Stanford Law School. He declined lucrative corporate law offers in order to help his father achieve his lifelong dream.

Our long-term goal is to establish a world-class hospital in Nigeria. It will be named in memory of Godwin's father, Augustine, who showed his son the power of possibility and instilled in him the desire to give back to those most in need.

Please join us as we honor those who came before us and give Health and Hope to those who will come after.

Where We Work

What We Do

Education - Learn more

We have happily extended our reach in Africa beyond advancing healthcare. We now make significant, regular donations of computers, school supplies, books, toys and clothing to primary schools in Nigeria.

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