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KIPP Massachusetts

Mission Statement

As KIPP:MA grows to full enrollment of all its schools, we are committed to becoming fully sustainable on public funding while providing students a complete K-12 KIPP education and the services that will ensure success to and through college and career. By 2020, KIPP:MA's plan is to serve 2,500 students in 6 schools in Lynn and Boston. In Boston, the current cap on charter school seats is preventing us from founding a KIPP high school to serve some of the kids who need us most – including our current middle school students.

About Us

Our program is based on a longer school day and year, academic and character development, a relentless focus on student outcomes and college graduation, coaching and continuous learning for teachers and staff, and a system of support for students in grades K-12 and to and through college and career. For ten years in Massachusetts, we have developed and refined an educational model that improves and scales transformative outcomes for our kids and families.

Where We Work

What We Do

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Nation-wide, only 10% of students from low income communities like Lynn and Boston graduate from college, compared to 82% of their more affluent peers. Preparing our students for success in college and career drives the work of all of KIPP school leaders, teachers, and staff. Nationally, KIPP alumni graduate from college at a rate of 44% – good, but not enough. We project that our Class of 2015, the first to benefit from a 5-12 KIPP education, will graduate from college at 5X the national average. Our goal is for 75% of our alumni to graduate from college.

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United States of America

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90 High Rock Street
Lynn, MA 01902



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