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Mission Statement

Our straightforward mission states that all cats and kittens in our care, regardless of how they arrived at Tabby Town, deserve good food, good health and a good home.

About Us

Tabby Town was formed in fall of 2009 in Buffalo, New York; since then, we have been working collaboratively with our local animal shelters and rescue community partners to increase successful cat and kitten adoptions throughout Western New York. We are located in Blasdell, New York just outside of Buffalo, at the McKinley Mall. Our adoptive families are from the eight counties of Western New York, with the largest percentage from Erie County. Our cats and kittens are brought to us from the SPCA of Erie County, Buffalo City Animal Shelter, Ten Lives Club and other local organizations whenever they are at maximum capacity or unable to accept additional animals. We are a significant, direct source of assistance to them and we virtually never refuse any animals brought to our doors. This means that a donation to Tabby Town also directly supports all our local animal rescue and shelter organizations! A gift to us is a gift to our entire animal welfare community.
Our straightforward mission states that all cats and kittens in our care, regardless of how they arrived at Tabby Town, deserve good food, good health and a good home.
While in our care, Tabby Town is fully financially responsible for all animals residing with us here as well as off-site in our foster care program. To date, we have successfully provided adoptive homes to over 4,300 cats and kittens. We accomplish this work in part because of the unwavering support of our team of dedicated volunteers, our limited corporate sponsors, our private donors and donor solicitation protocol, and limited foundation support as well as a brisk ongoing fundraising program. Our organization conducts a large number of donor and customized fundraising events throughout the year and pursues in-kind donations as well to help us with food, cleaning supplies, etc. We are fortunate to be partners with Best Friends Animal Society, with whom we implement a number of their adoption events at a grassroots level as well as implementing our own local events and programs both on-site and offsite. Because of all this support and activity, we have been able to sustain our adoption center, give all necessary and costly medical care and socialization to our cats and kittens and broaden our community outreach programs to continue our work.
Tabby Town is actively involved in animal rescue efforts in our area, sending the credible and vital message that our organization and our partners find cats worthy of our investment and deserving of life saving measures to find new, loving homes. We are fully committed to facilitating all necessary medical and emotional care to further adoption and we work closely with our veterinary partners and the animal welfare community to decrease euthanasia across our area and eliminate unnecessary stray and feral population increase.
All our animals are spayed or neutered (if required) and given proper veterinary care upon arrival and on a continuing basis. Our volunteer team focuses on providing comfort and love in a safe, clean, happy environment. We showcase our cats in “cozy condos” inside our mall location while they await their new homes, and we welcome our visitors to enjoy a positive, uplifting experience while they meet our feline residents.
Please visit under Friends for Felines, Inc. for more information about our organization including financial statements.

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Tabby Town lovingly cares for 60-70 cats at any given time, providing them with food, warm and cozy beds and the medical care they require during their stay in their "home between homes". All of our cats and kittens are rescues and our goal is to increase the number of cats and kittens adopted while decreasing the number of cats sitting in over-crowded shelters.

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United States of America

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3701 McKinley Pkwy Unit 830
McKinley Mall
Blasdell, NY 14219



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