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2023 PWI Fund Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

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Last modified: 04/30/2023

Registered Nonprofit Users voluntarily choose to subscribe to the projectworldimpact.com site.


a. Registered Nonprofit Users agree to commit to one of the available annual subscription levels, which are billed monthly or annually, depending on the plan purchased. Subscriptions, Premium Services, and any additional payments are non-refundable under any circumstances, except for Pro Plan Nonprofits who may be eligible for a money-back guarantee if they complete all of the necessary steps outlined on our “Money Back” page (https://projectworldimpact.com/downloads/subscription/MoneyBack.pdf).


b. The PWI products and services available to Registered Nonprofit Users will depend on the subscription level chosen by the Nonprofit. The subscription levels and related products and services are described on the “Pricing” page of projectworldimpact.com (https://projectworldimpact.com/pricing). PWI reserves the right, from time to time, to offer special promotions related to annual subscription charges and/or products and services available.


c. The prices, subscription levels, products, services, and features available to nonprofits on the Site may be changed, added, or subtracted at any time. If changes are made, Registered Nonprofit Users agree to the new or revised prices, subscription levels, products, services, and features at the end of their current annual subscription.


d. PWI provides a variety of products and services to Registered Nonprofit Users and Registered Users. In addition to the Terms listed throughout this document, the following are specific Terms and Conditions for specific PWI products and services:



Users grant Project World Impact and the nonprofit beneficiary a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sublicensable, worldwide license to use, publicly display, publicly perform, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, and distribute User Content (including, but not limited to, text, images, videos, and audio recordings) submitted by any Campaign Owner or Contributor on or in connection with PWI Products and Services and our related marketing and promotional activities. By submitting User Content, Users represent and warrant that they have all necessary rights and permissions to grant the license described above and that their User Content does not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights, proprietary rights, privacy rights, confidentiality, rights of publicity, or any other rights. Each Campaign Owner and Contributor acknowledges and agrees that Project World Impact and the nonprofit beneficiary have the right, but not the obligation, to use, display, perform, and distribute their User Content in any manner or media, whether now known or hereafter developed, and that they will not be entitled to any compensation or credit for such use.



The purpose of the Program is to enable Registered Nonprofit Users to receive Distributions from PWI when customers open new internet tabs using the PWI Fund extension, browse the internet, or make Qualifying Purchases on participating online sites.


PWI Fund customers can choose any Eligible Organization, but only Registered Nonprofit Users can receive disbursements from the Program. 


"Eligible Organizations" are charitable organizations that meet the following criteria:


PWI will make Distributions to Registered Nonprofit Users based on  “Qualifying Purchases”, which are defined as customer orders for Products from participating online sites, where the Product is shipped, streamed, or downloaded by the customer, and the online Site sends money to PWI.


A "Product" is any item sold to someone from an online Site that participates in PWI Fund, who has downloaded the PWI Fund extension onto their Browser.


Qualifying Purchases exclude, and you will not be eligible for disbursements in connection with any of, the following:


Distributions from Project World Impact (PWI) to Registered Nonprofit Users are based on Qualifying Purchases shipped, streamed, or downloaded (as applicable) in a given calendar quarter, and not subsequently returned. Distributions are calculated in accordance with the Operational Documentation, as it may be modified from time to time.


Distributions for each calendar quarter will be made approximately 45 days following the end of that quarter. To account for product returns that are made after the end of a calendar quarter, we reserve the right in our sole discretion to withhold a portion of your quarterly Distributions for disbursement during the next donation cycle, subject to any reduction due to returns or cancellations from prior quarters. If we determine that we have made an overpayment in Distributions to a Registered Nonprofit User as a result of returns not offset by Distributions held back to account for returns, or if we determine that a Registered Nonprofit User received Distributions to which they were not entitled as a result of their actions or omissions (for example, if incomplete or false registration information was provided or if they violated this Participation Agreement), we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to deduct the amount of the overpayment from any donation amount that is due. to you in subsequent donation cycles, and/or (b) notify you and request reimbursement for any amounts incorrectly paid to you. In this case, you agree to reimburse us for such over-payments promptly and within 30 days of such request. You acknowledge and agree that we are under no obligation to provide you with a report of Qualifying Purchases or Distributions attributed or earned.


Eligible Organizations and Registered Nonprofit Users: If we determine that you are no longer an Eligible Organization or that you or anyone acting on your behalf has violated any term or condition set forth in this Participation Agreement (including failure to qualify as a Registered Organization), we reserve the right to disburse any donation that would have been made to you instead to one or more other Registered Organizations.


Distributions to Registered Nonprofit Users: When making Distributions to Registered Nonprofit Users, we will either directly deposit the Distributions into a designated U.S. bank account, or send a check via U.S. mail. We reserve the right to accrue and withhold Distributions for any Registered Nonprofit User until the total dollars made for that organization is at least $25.00, at which point the accrued and withheld total Distributions will be paid in full during the next quarterly donation cycle. If a total of $25.00 has not accrued by the following quarter, the Distributions roll over into the next quarter. After 1 year of not achieving the $25.00 benchmark, the money will be reallocated and disbursed to organization(s) qualified as Registered Nonprofit Users.


Service Fee: PWI charges a service fee to nonprofits of up to 5% of their Registered Users’ PWI Fund purchases. This service fee will help PWI continue to expand the number of online sites, distribute money, and pay miscellaneous fees incurred by PWI.


Accrued Distributions for Eligible Organizations: If an Eligible Organization that is not a Registered Nonprofit User accrues Distributions in a given calendar quarter, PWI will accrue and withhold such Distributions until the donation cycle following the end of the calendar quarter in which it becomes a Registered Nonprofit User. However, if such an Eligible Organization does not promptly become a Registered Nonprofit User, then PWI reserves the right after each calendar quarter in which an Eligible Organization accrues withheld amounts (after expiration of a reasonable period as we determine in our discretion, not to exceed 3 years after such quarter), to reallocate and disburse such accrued and withheld funds to organizations qualified as Registered Nonprofit Users.


Tax Information: PWI may be obligated by law to obtain tax information from the Registered Nonprofit User. If we request tax information that is not provided to PWI, PWI may (in addition to any other rights or remedies available to us) withhold your Distributions until this information is provided or otherwise satisfy PWI that we are not required to obtain the tax information.


Invalid Purchases: If, for any reason, no money accrues after a user purchase or no money is sent to PWI, the purchase made by the Registered User will be invalid to have any percentage or amount of the purchase given to the nonprofit that the Registered User has designated. Also, based on individual state laws, PWI may withhold any money that was made by a customer after purchasing from an online store.


List of Online Sites: An active list of online sites that send money to PWI based on customer purchases can be found at  https://projectworldimpact.com/fund. In order to get access to use PWI Fund as a customer, you can go to https://projectworldimpact.com/fund and create an account, download the browser extensions, or app, and start using it.


Selection of Nonprofit: Registered Users will select a nonprofit on the https://projectworldimpact.com/fund link. If a user downloads and uses PWI Fund, without having an active, paying, nonprofit on the site, their funds will be reallocated and disbursed to organizations qualified as Registered Nonprofit Users.


Product Categories: The percentage of funds received by nonprofits may vary depending on the product category due to retailer campaigns and offers. PWI reserves the right to change the percentages at any time and may reduce the rate for certain categories to zero percent.


Only purchases are only included if tracked via the PWI Extension, Web App, iPhone App, or Android App will be included.


Nonprofits will receive money quarterly, but only if a minimum threshold of $25 is reached for each nonprofit within a 12-month period.


PWI may keep up to 5% of the funds received from PWI Shopping to cover additional fees incurred from project management and associated costs.


If a Registered User selects a specific country or causes instead of a Registered Nonprofit User, the money will be distributed to the PWI Foundation.