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Fort Wilderness

Mission Statement

Fort Wilderness Ministries influences lives for eternity through God's Word, Adventure Programs, the Wilderness and warm Christian Fellowship.

About Us

Fort Wilderness is the center of the universe conveniently located in the northwoods of Wisconsin (USA)... or so we like to think of it.
Since 1956 Fort Wilderness has been serving families, singles and youth year-round. Our unique Northwoods environment is perfect for disconnecting from the busy-ness of life and connecting with people and God. People tell us that we are like a big family. We invite newcomers to experience creation, adventure and God's word in a new way while growing healthy relationships.
Fort Wilderness is staffed by 20 missionaries and hundreds of volunteers all year long. That is just part of the family. The other 8,000+ family members camp with us every year. Summer, winter, fall or spring, friends are always invited. Waiting til you join our family up here in the center of the universe, -The Fort Family

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6180 Wilderness Trail - Box 715
McNaughton, WI 54543




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