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PWI Foundation

Mission Statement

PWI Foundation supports nonprofits by helping them raise funds, gain supporters, and grow their organizations.

About Us

PWI Foundation is the nonprofit fundraising branch of Project World Impact. We exist to boost the fundraising efforts of nonprofits and manage donations to maximize their impact.

When visitors give donations on, they’re given the option to add additional funds that will be directed to the PWI Foundation. They can designate their gift to a specific cause or a specific country of their choice. Or, they can designate PWI Foundation to direct their gift to the greatest need.

Additionally, we handle grant writing and grant applications for nonprofits in order to free up your time and resources to invest in the causes you care about.

What We Do

Clean Water
Human Rights
Education - Learn more

Improving access and quality of primary education is one of the mainstays of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.1 While the provision of primary education saw rapid improvement in the early 2000’s, progress has slowed down in recent years.2 One major issue that universally hinders further sustainable development in education is the high primary school dropout rate.3 Since massive improvements have been made in the provision and affordability of primary education, the pressing need for advancements in the secondary education sector has increased.4 The largest obstacles that the global community has to conquer are increasing the access and applicability of education, as well as developing the quality of teachers and curriculums.5 The World Bank has partnered with local and national governments to provide secondary education to students all around the world—regardless of poverty levels, gender, religious affiliation, and ethnicity.6

Locations Served
Federated States of Micronesia

Reviews • Write Review

I love the spirit of altruism and love of neighbor that the team at PWI actively lives out. It's encouraging how they work to serve, and do it using the best talent they have at PWI. The products are solid, and do not favor the company but the nonprofits which the PWI organization serves. This is coming from a volunteer Director of Marketing and Development who been able to study up close what PWI offers to nonprofits.
I have worked with a non profit directly as the main tech guy. I've handled the research and development of all web aspects of the non profit. After calling many companies in an attempt to find digital solutions that were low cost and reliable ended with failure time after time, I soon realized that there was a hole in the market. Most companies hear "non profit" and think there is boat loads of money available. Hearing about Project World Impact was more than a breath of fresh air, and PWI Foundation is just that. Specifically designed, started and ran for the assistance and benefit of non profits, with out regard for what a cause, country or organization needs. Honest, reliable and trustworthy. I personally thank PWI and PWI Foundation for being there in a world where non profits, who are trying to help those who are in need, can't find that help.
The team at PWI is continuously creating cutting edge approaches to simplify giving to the things and the people that matter most to me. That's very important as almost everything I do financially takes place within the digital landscape.
I love that you can give money to a specific cause and they donate that money to all the nonprofits working for that cause.
It's unique that people can donate to a country or a cause. That means that the PWI Foundation has the potential to really impact many nonprofits working in a country or those working on a specific cause. That's great!
The PWI Foundation is doing great work across the world. I love that when money is given to a specific cause, it is split among the nonprofits that do work to help that cause. It saves a lot of time for me, as I don't need to go in and vet nonprofits, as I know they are doing that on their end.
I like that the PWI Foundation is not tied to one specific location or cause, but its purpose is to help MANY organizations in pursuing the causes that they care about the most.
I have worked directly with PWI Foundation and have firsthand seen the impact that the PWI Foundation has made both locally and internationally.




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