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The Republic of South Sudan
Clean Water, Education
The Khor Wakow School Project wants to give all children in the Khor Wakow villages, regardless or age or gender, access to education. We recognize that children learn when their physical, spiritual, emotional, and social needs are met. KWSP will work with community elders, families, and the children ...See More themselves to identify ongoing needs in order to improve their lives and increase their hope and faith. Show Less

Children/Youth, Economy, Clean Water, Education, Family, Health, Poverty
World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice. Working in nearly 100 countries around the world, we serve all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, ...See More or gender. Show Less

Clean Water
Trailblazer Foundation, Inc., a Wyoming non-profit corporation was founded and registered April 24, 2004 as an IRC 501(c)(3) non-profit public charitable organization. Trailblazer Foundation’s goals are to work primarily with the poorest of the poor communities in isolated rural areas of Siem Reap province, Cambodia that are largely overlooked ...See More or neglected by other development groups and cannot develop beyond a level of subsistence on their own. Siem Reap province is one of two provinces identified by the Cambodian Government and the World Food Program as significantly poor and food-insecure. Our objectives address the needs for an ample year-round supply of clean and sufficient water to assure a healthier livelihood, improved agriculture and horticulture practices for increased nutrition and food security, and income generation over the long term. Show Less

Ghana, United States of America
Clean Water, Religion, Education
OneWay Ministries depends on our family of friends and supporters to propel the mission of reaching people around the world with the love of Christ.
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United States of America
Clean Water
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As an avid FFA member and agriculturalist, I have come to understand the value and importance of clean water to Pennsylvania's agriculture industry. Beginning my FFA journey, I had little knowledge of the resources it takes to feed our nation. As I ... See more..
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While water scarcity gets a lot of attention, simply transporting this vital resource is in itself a huge dilemma. Women spend around 200 million hours a day hauling clean water around, and just 16 percent of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa have ... See more..
CHICO, Calif. - Due to a lengthy rainy season water in Butte County has been in high supply. But villagers in developing countries like those in Africa are in need of clean water. Shirley Adams, a Chico woman who founded Bridging the Gap in 2006 ... See more..
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The Clean Water Program is a multi-year capital improvement program that will upgrade our sanitary sewer system and the wastewater treatment plant to improve service, align with the City's sustainability goals, and comply with regulatory requirements ... See more.. 
at 5 p.m. and finished up at Base Camp Brewing Company (930 SE Oak St.) at 8 p.m. The goal of the event, in collaboration with Cyril's at Clay Pigeon (815 SE Oak St.), is to increase local awareness about global water issues and lead the way in ... See more..
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A federal judge ruled Thursday that Dominion Virginia Power has violated the Clean Water Act because arsenic from a coal ash-storage site in Chesapeake made its way into the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River. But U.S. District Judge John Gibney ... See more..
Water crises of various forms have plagued the United States in recent years. The West is still recovering from persistent droughts and dam destruction, and ... See more..
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Water is a fundamental component of human development, yet nearly one billion people worldwide lack access to clean water.1 The global community is suffering from severe water scarcity and inadequate access to sanitation systems.2  Each day children across the world spend hours walking to collect water for their families and they miss out on crucial educational opportunities.3  Countless schools in rural regions of impoverished countries are not properly equipped with separate toilet facilities for their female students, which often discourages girls from attending school.4 Equally important to potable water is sanitation and personal hygiene, and global health is crippled by the fact that the vast majority of the people on the planet are unable to properly and safely dispose of their own waste.5

It is estimated that nearly 1.2 billion people have no appropriate mechanisms for disposing of human waste safely.7 This lack of sanitation has become the most common cause for infections in humans.8 Children under five years of age are at the highest risk for contracting serious infections that can lead to serious illness and even death.9 The most common illness that children suffer from regarding sanitation issues is diarrhea.10 Experts estimate that over 1.5 million children under five years dies from complications relating to diarrheal diseases.11 If international organizations and governments were to work together to help empower communities and countries to take action and improve water and sanitation practices several positive changes could happen across the globe.12 If half of the nearly one billion people without these services were to gain access to clean water, 272 million more children would be able to attend school and the total number of preventable deaths that are deterred would constitute approximately $3.6 billion USD annually.13 Access to water has also been determined as a major cause for wars and serious uprisings between countries.14 This problem is especially exacerbated in the Middle East where water scarcity is high since the advent of global climate change and it is causing food shortages across the Middle East.15

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Water Scarcity
Approximately 1.6 billion people around the world face water shortages, nearly one-fourth of the world's population.1 Additionally, more than 2.7 billion people face water shortages for at least one month out of the year.2 Freshwater sources account for less than 3% of the world's water supply, and the majority of earth's natural freshwater is in the form of frozen glaciers and unable to be used for consumption.3 While the earth has enough water to sustain its population, mismanagement, over consumption, and pollution cause uneven distribution and threaten the sustainability of remaining water resources.4 In recent years, water usage has grown at more than twice the rate of population growth,5 and at the current consumption rate nearly two-thirds of the world could face water shortages by ...See More 2025.6 In much of the developing world, clean water is often a commodity that requires money, travel, and hard work to obtain. Women around the world spend a combined total of 200 million hours a day collecting and traveling to collect water, taking valuable time away from their economic activities and their families.7 Additionally, certain regions are particularly prone to droughts that drain their existing water sources and deplete reservoirs, rivers, and wells. Brazil, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, and Australia are highly vulnerable to drought.8 Largely due to climate change, the percentage of the earth plagued by drought has doubled in the past 40 years.9 Pollution and improper waste removal also threaten the sustainability of current water supplies, contributing to further water shortages. Approximately 70% of the earth's industrial waste is dumped into water supplies and 30 billion tons of urban sewage are dumped into lakes, rivers, and oceans annually.10 Domestic waste and garbage are responsible for approximately 80% of the world's water pollution.11 Show Less