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Kenya, Ukraine, United States of America
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Keep our oceans clean!
Cambodia, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam
Children/Youth, Family, Clean Water
The developing world needs help in getting adequate food, water, and medical aid. These are necessary causes. However, there are over 300 million children walking barefoot in the world, and healthy feet are needed to access water, food, and education. We have found a way to help save a child's ...See More life with well-fitting shoes that make healthier feet possible. Show Less
The Republic of South Sudan
Clean Water, Education
The Khor Wakow School Project wants to give all children in the Khor Wakow villages, regardless or age or gender, access to education. We recognize that children learn when their physical, spiritual, emotional, and social needs are met. KWSP will work with community elders, families, and the children ...See More themselves to identify ongoing needs in order to improve their lives and increase their hope and faith. Show Less
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Relief and development organization helping children worldwide by tackling causes of poverty and developing access to clean water, food, health care, education, and economic opportunities.
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Clean Water
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Education, Economy, Health, Children/Youth, Clean Water, Poverty
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Clean Water Now (Est. 1998) is pleased to announce that we have joined the regional movement attempting to halt the 241 Toll Road at Oso Parkway in Mission Viejo. Not one more inch of fee-based pavement should be created. The Oso Bridge and Los ... See more..
Dorado, Puerto Rico (CNN) A tall chain link fence, shrouded in vines, surrounds an aging water well tucked away in this small town just west of San Juan. See more..
WGCU News 
But, the organization called “Clean Water for Haiti” with Chris Rolling at the helm is working to change that. They've installed thousands of household water filters to date and are now planning to partner with an FGCU professor to conduct a study of ... See more..
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James Leitner's journey, which took him from New Jersey to San Francisco, was part of his effort to raise money and awareness for clean water in Tanzania. See more..
Environmental Working Group 
WASHINGTON – Drinking water supplies for millions of Americans in farm country are contaminated with a suspected cancer-causing chemical from fertilizer, according to a new report by the Environmental Working Group. The contaminant is nitrate, which ... See more..
The Hill (blog) 
Some Puerto Rico residents are turning to a hazardous waste site for drinking water as the island continues to reel from Hurricane Maria. More than three weeks after Hurricane Maria tore across the island, many residents – U.S. citizens – remain ... See more..
Buffalo News 
Now, a University at Buffalo startup has found a quick way to do it -- and it could transform how potable water gets to people in developing countries or in areas stricken by natural disasters like earthquakes or hurricanes. The university's Sunny ... See more..
"I've been to Sierra Leone and, personally, seen and witnessed the impact of providing clean water and what it can do to for a community or a village in Africa. I've touched the well we placed with the dollars we have raised and participated and played ... See more..
... and food in Puerto Rico, but President Trump says that's "something that really they shouldn't have to be doing." The U.S. territory has been reeling in the wake of Hurricane Maria, which left most of the island without power or access to clean ... See more..
The American Prospect 
Since becoming President Trump's top environmental official, Pruitt has taken dead aim at the Clean Water Rule. Whether or not Pruitt can finally kill the rule, his assault on the EPA's rulemaking process and its ability to enforce basic environmental ... See more..
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Water is a fundamental component of human development, yet nearly one billion people worldwide lack access to clean water.1 The global community is suffering from severe water scarcity and inadequate access to sanitation systems.2  Each day children across the world spend hours walking to collect water for their families and they miss out on crucial educational opportunities.3  Countless schools in rural regions of impoverished countries are not properly equipped with separate toilet facilities for their female students, which often discourages girls from attending school.4 Equally important to potable water is sanitation and personal hygiene, and global health is crippled by the fact that the vast majority of the people on the planet are unable to properly and safely dispose of their own waste.5

It is estimated that nearly 1.2 billion people have no appropriate mechanisms for disposing of human waste safely.7 This lack of sanitation has become the most common cause for infections in humans.8 Children under five years of age are at the highest risk for contracting serious infections that can lead to serious illness and even death.9 The most common illness that children suffer from regarding sanitation issues is diarrhea.10 Experts estimate that over 1.5 million children under five years dies from complications relating to diarrheal diseases.11 If international organizations and governments were to work together to help empower communities and countries to take action and improve water and sanitation practices several positive changes could happen across the globe.12 If half of the nearly one billion people without these services were to gain access to clean water, 272 million more children would be able to attend school and the total number of preventable deaths that are deterred would constitute approximately $3.6 billion USD annually.13 Access to water has also been determined as a major cause for wars and serious uprisings between countries.14 This problem is especially exacerbated in the Middle East where water scarcity is high since the advent of global climate change and it is causing food shortages across the Middle East.15

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Water Scarcity
Approximately 1.6 billion people around the world face water shortages, nearly one-fourth of the world's population.1 Additionally, more than 2.7 billion people face water shortages for at least one month out of the year.2 Freshwater sources account for less than 3% of the world's water supply, and the majority of earth's natural freshwater is in the form of frozen glaciers and unable to be used for consumption.3 While the earth has enough water to sustain its population, mismanagement, over consumption, and pollution cause uneven distribution and threaten the sustainability of remaining water resources.4 In recent years, water usage has grown at more than twice the rate of population growth,5 and at the current consumption rate nearly two-thirds of the world could face water shortages by ...See More 2025.6 In much of the developing world, clean water is often a commodity that requires money, travel, and hard work to obtain. Women around the world spend a combined total of 200 million hours a day collecting and traveling to collect water, taking valuable time away from their economic activities and their families.7 Additionally, certain regions are particularly prone to droughts that drain their existing water sources and deplete reservoirs, rivers, and wells. Brazil, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, and Australia are highly vulnerable to drought.8 Largely due to climate change, the percentage of the earth plagued by drought has doubled in the past 40 years.9 Pollution and improper waste removal also threaten the sustainability of current water supplies, contributing to further water shortages. Approximately 70% of the earth's industrial waste is dumped into water supplies and 30 billion tons of urban sewage are dumped into lakes, rivers, and oceans annually.10 Domestic waste and garbage are responsible for approximately 80% of the world's water pollution.11 Show Less