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Antarctica is the coldest continent on earth with the coldest recorded temperature of -128.9 degrees Fahrenheit.1 There is concern on what effect increasing global temperatures will have on the continent. The glaciers and ice sheets that surround Antarctica are at risk for shrinking as time goes on. Since 1960, the average winter temperatures have increased by 10.8 degrees F.2 The Larsen Ice Shelf has also been shrinking as a direct result from rising air temperatures.3 Fire is another environmental risk factor in Antarctica since its climate is so dry.4 Fighting fires is impossible because water freezes in hoses almost instantly. Thus, most fire fighting efforts concentrate solely on prevention.5

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Sydney - Australia and France kick off a fresh push on Monday to create a vast marine sanctuary in pristine East Antarctica, hoping to build on the success of a landmark deal secured last year at a key annual conservation summit. The fate of the plan ... See more..
The World Wildlife Fund said unseasonably extensive amounts of sea ice around the colony in East Antarctica had forced the adult penguins to travel further than normal to forage for food. "This devastating event contrasts with the image that many ... See more..
A huge, mysterious hole has been spotted in sea ice near Antarctica, researchers reported this week. The hole, which was detected about a month ago, is roughly 30,000 square miles or the size of the state of Maine. It's the largest hole spotted in the ... See more..
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A penguin colony home to 18,000 penguins in Antarctica has suffered a massive breeding fail causing thousands of the animals to starve to death. According to CNN, who spoke to the World Wildlife Fund, said the devastation was caused due to extensive ... See more.. 
A GROWING number of voices are warning that Australia's complacency in Antarctica could open the door for China to lay claim to parts of the icy continent. See more.. 
Using the ESA's CryoSat and Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellites, which have radar techniques to gauge ice-shelf thickness and dynamics, the team have been examining the Dotson ice shelf in West Antarctica. According to Mr Gourmelen, the 50km wide ... See more..
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A rare hole the size of Tasmania has opened up in the sea ice off Antarctica, enthralling scientists keen to understand its cause and the possible role of climate ... See more..
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The release of the trillion-ton iceberg means researchers can explore an ecosystem which has been hidden for up to 120000 years. See more..
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ANTARCTICA: Let me sleep for two days and wake up in Antarctica, oblivious to the rough crossing of the damned Drake Passage. Don't tell me where I am. Let me peer out the porthole to glimpse the whitewashed wonderland of this unearthly moonscape. See more..
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The Pine Island Glacier is located in West Antarctica, and has been one of the largest contributors to sea level rise on the continent, since it's been losing ice at an accelerating rate over the past 40 years. In 2015, a 224-square-mile iceberg calved ... See more..
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