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Liechtensteinâ's government has designed and implemented a national climate change adaptation strategy that will focus on a plan of action and nationally recognized strategies.1 The sectors of Liechtenstein that are reportedly most vulnerable are the water management plants, forestry, agriculture, biodiversity, and tourism.2 The plan was developed in conjunction with the European Commission and the European Environment Agency.3 Liechtensteinâ's government is also of the opinion that, in addition to the Kyoto Protocol, there needs to be a new and improved environmental climate change agreement in the year 2015.4

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Catholic Culture 
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Linn's Stamp News 
In designing the Liechtenstein stamps, Rene Wolfinger used pictograms of tools to symbolize stonemasonry on the 1.30fr denomination, the work of tailors on the 1.80fr, and goldsmithery on the 2fr. Among the tools shown are hammers, chisels, scissors, ... See more..
Vatikáni Rádió 
Ferenc pápa április 22-én szombaton délelőtt tíz órakor a Vatikáni Palota dolgozószobájában magánkihallgatáson fogadta II. János Ádám liechtensteini ... See more..
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Morung Express 
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Radio Vaticana 
Il Papa riceve i Principi del Liechtenstein - Oggi Papa Francesco ha ricevuto in udienza il Principe Regnante Hans Adam II e il Principe Ereditario Alois del ... See more..
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Le Pape reçoit les autorités du Liechtenstein - Le prince régnant Hans Adam II, ainsi que le prince héritier Alois ont é ... See more..
29 aprilie este o dată din istoria fotbalului românesc care pe an ce trece îşi pierde din însemnătate. În 1962, în această zi, echipa naţională de juniori a României cucerea primul şi singurul trofeu european. Cele mai citite. LIVE VIDEO Simona Halep ... See more..
Gazeta Sporturilor 
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Radio Liechtenstein 
Der FC St. Gallen steckt weiter in der Krise. Das Team von Trainer Zinnbauer verliert zuhause gegen YB mit 0:2 und kassiert somit die fünfte Pleite in Folge. Die Ostschweizer rutschen in der Tabelle auf Platz 8 ab und haben nur noch 5 Punkte Vorsprung ... See more..
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Central Europe, between Austria and Switzerland

Total 160 sq km
Land 160 sq km
Water 0 sq km


continental; cold, cloudy winters with frequent snow or rain; cool to moderately warm, cloudy, humid summers
Natural Resources

hydroelectric potential, arable land ;
Natural Hazards

Current Environmental Issues



37,009 (July 2013 est.)
Ethnic Groups


Despite its small size and limited natural resources, Liechtenstein has developed into a prosperous, highly industrialized, free-enterprise economy with a vital financial service sector and likely the second highest per capita income in the world. The Liechtenstein economy is widely diversified with a large number of small businesses. Low business taxes - the maximum tax rate is 20% - and easy incorporation rules have induced many holding companies to establish nominal offices in Liechtenstein providing 30% of state revenues. The country participates in a customs union with Switzerland and uses the Swiss franc as its national currency. It imports more ...See More than 90% of its energy requirements. Liechtenstein has been a member of the European Economic Area (an organization serving as a bridge between the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the EU) since May 1995. The government is working to harmonize its economic policies with those of an integrated Europe. Since 2008, Liechtenstein has faced renewed international pressure - particularly from Germany - to improve transparency in its banking and tax systems. In December 2008, Liechtenstein signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement with the US. Upon Liechtenstein's conclusion of 12 bilateral information-sharing agreements, the OECD in October 2009 removed the principality from its "grey list" of countries that had yet to implement the organization's Model Tax Convention. By the end of 2010, Liechtenstein had signed 25 Tax Information Exchange Agreements or Double Tax Agreements. In 2011 Liechtenstein joined the Schengen area, which allows passport-free travel across 26 European countries. Show Less ;
GDP Purchasing Power Parity

$3.2 billion (2009); $3.216 billion (2008); $3.159 billion (2007)
Agriculture Products

wheat, barley, corn, potatoes; livestock, dairy products

electronics, metal manufacturing, dental products, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, food products, precision instruments, tourism, optical instruments