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Causes We Support

Human Rights
Clean Water
The largest threats to the Senegalese environment stem from exhaustion of the nation’s natural resources. These threats include overfishing, overgrazing, and deforestation. Pollution and improper disposal of industrial waste constitute major a threat to the environment.1 Senegal has lost hundreds of thousands of hectares of forested land due to logging, hydroelectric projects, and other industries. This is also seen as a contributor to desertification and soil erosion.2 Currently, Senegal does not have adequate climate change legislation in place to help prevent the destruction caused by intense flooding during the rainy season. In poor communities, trash is used as a mechanism to block or soak up floodwaters.3

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New York Daily News 
With Cuba and the Dominican Republic in the fold for the immigrant-focused 2017 Harlem Week festivities, including Senegal – representing the African continent – was a logical next step. Under the theme, “Harlem: Home of Immigrants — Honoring New ... See more..
The Point 
And he told Prime Minister Boun Dione that President Adama Barrow was desirous of the need for Senegal to remain The Gambia's strongest partner in the critical area of security. He said: “I have my team here including the police and immigration - and I ... See more..
Yahoo India News 
Staring out to sea on a flawlessly sunny day, underwater archaeologist Ibrahima Thiaw visualises three shipwrecks once packed with slaves that now lie somewhere beneath Senegal's Atlantic waves. He wants more than anything to find them. Thiaw has ... See more..
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Daily Mail 
Staring out to sea on a flawlessly sunny day, underwater archaeologist Ibrahima Thiaw visualises three shipwrecks once packed with slaves that now lie... See more..
New Vision 
A Senegalese singer was granted provisional release Monday after 10 days of detention for "offending the head of state and spreading fake news", her lawyer said. Amy Colle Dieng, a well-known singer of Senegal's popular mbalakh form of dance music, had ... See more..
Sam Vincent, coach of D'Tigress, on Wednesday said the team is confident and ready to excel at the 2017 Women's Afrobasket Championship in Mali. The female national team will be making its 10th appearance at the Biennial African basketball ... See more..
BBC News 
The people of Senegal go to the polls on 30 July to elect a new parliament in an exercise widely seen as a test run of the 2019 presidential election. President ... See more..
Vancouver Sun 
Plage de Ngor, SENEGAL – It happened 30 km. off the stormy coast of Dakar near the western most tip of the African continent. That's where I hooked into a 236 kg. dream marlin – more than twice my body weight – that was to be the fight of my sports ... See more.. 
Voters in Senegal are set to elect a new parliament following a tense campaign between rival coalitions in an election seen as a crucial test of support in advance of a presidential election in 2019. Polling takes place between 8:00am and 6:00pm local ... See more..
Eyewitness News 
DAKAR – Senegal's ruling party has won a large parliamentary majority, according to official provisional results, following an election last Sunday that opposition leaders say was tainted by fraud. President Macky Sall's ruling coalition took 125 seats ... See more..
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Western Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania

Total 196,722 sq km
Land 192,530 sq km
Water 4,192 sq km


tropical; hot, humid; rainy season (May to November) has strong southeast winds; dry season (December to April) dominated by hot, dry, harmattan wind
Natural Resources

fish, phosphates, iron ore ;
Natural Hazards

lowlands seasonally flooded; periodic droughts
Current Environmental Issues

wildlife populations threatened by poaching; deforestation; overgrazing; soil erosion; desertification; overfishing


13,300,410 (July 2013 est.)
Ethnic Groups


Senegal relies heavily on donor assistance and foreign direct investment. The country's key export industries are phosphate mining, fertilizer production, and commercial fishing. The country is also working on iron ore and oil exploration projects. After seeing its economy contract by 2.1% in 1993, Senegal made an important turnaround, thanks to an economic reform program backed by the donor community, which led to real growth in GDP averaging over 5% annually during 1995-2007. Annual inflation was pushed down to the single digits. The global economic downturn reduced growth to 2.2% in 2009. The IMF completed a non-dispersing, Policy Support Initiative ...See More program in 2010 and approved a new three-year policy support instrument in December 2010 to assist with economic reforms. Senegal also receives disbursements from a $540 million Millennium Challenge Account for infrastructure and agriculture development. In 2012, the economy began to rebound after a weak 2011. The economy continues to suffer from unreliable power supply, which has led to public protests and high unemployment and has prompted migrants to flee Senegal in search of better job opportunities in Europe. Show Less ;
GDP Purchasing Power Parity

$27.01 billion (2012 est.); $26.09 billion (2011 est.); $25.42 billion (2010 est.)
Gross National Saving

16.7% of GDP (2012 est.); 17.5% of GDP (2011 est.); 21.4% of GDP (2010 est.)
Agriculture Products

peanuts, millet, corn, sorghum, rice, cotton, tomatoes, green vegetables; cattle, poultry, pigs; fish

agricultural and fish processing, phosphate mining, fertilizer production, petroleum refining; iron ore, zircon, and gold mining, construction materials, ship construction and repair