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Clean Water
Since Tuvalu is comprised of nine low-lying atolls, the country is very vulnerable to the adverse effects of change.1<,sup> Some of these effects are the acidification of ocean water, ground water contamination, and rising sea and temperature levels.2 The government has made adaptation to these changes a national priority.3 The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Tourism, and Environment has signed an agreement with the UNDP to receive assistance.4

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Tuvalu News

Fiji Sun Online 
This after signing their employment contracts before the government of Tuvalu and Ministry of Foreign Affairs representatives this week. Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Jone said: “Of the 16, nine are returning teachers ... See more..
Radio New Zealand 
Fourteen teachers from Fiji are already working in Tuvalu and another 16 will go next month under the Fiji Volunteer Service Scheme. Tuvalu's High Commissioner to Fiji Temate Melitiana said the programme, which started in 2014, has had a positive ... See more..
Fiji Sun Online 
Sixteen volunteer teachers will travel to Tuvalu next month under the Fiji volunteer services scheme. This was revealed yesterday by the Deputy Secretary of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, Vilimone Baledrokadroka, while signing the ... See more..
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Numismatic News 
In early April Downies released Tuvalu's latest silver dollar in the highly popular Deadly & Dangerous Australians series. The 40.60 mm, 1 oz .9999 fine silver, proof celebrates the Bull Shark (Carcharhinus leucas). Bull Sharks are not confined to ... See more..
Radio New Zealand 
The bulk carrier, named OS35, was hijacked by pirates last Saturday as it neared the port of Aden, a Yemen city perched off the Horn of Africa. Indian naval vessels received a distress call and established contact with the captain of the besieged ship. See more..
Fiji Times 
Update: 6:42PM SIXTEEN Fijian volunteer teachers will serve in Tuvalu for the next two years. This after the governments of the two island nations signed a Memorandum of Agreement in Suva today allowing the additional teachers to serve under the Fiji ... See more..
A security source working at the Puntland Marine Police Force said the vessel was Tuvalu-flagged and is known as OS35. Graeme Gibbon-Brooks, the head of private company Dryad Maritime Intelligence, said industry sources had confirmed the hijacking. See more..
Royal Central 
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are set to receive the highest order from the island nation of Tuvalu. The Order of Merit of Tuvalu is a newly created award independent of the awards that Britain presents twice a year. The Order of Merit was created ... See more..
Bangladesh News 24 hours 
Tuvalu, a Polynesian island nation, was formerly known as Ellice Island while the Central African Republic gained independence from France in 1960. CAR is a landlocked country and bordered by Chad to the north, Sudan to the northeast, South Sudan to ... See more..
Hindustan Times 
The Tuvalu-flagged bulk carrier (OS 35) was travelling from Kelang in Malaysia to Aden when it was attacked by pirates. india Updated: Apr 11, 2017 09:13 IST. Rahul Singh Hindustan Times. Indian Navy ... See more..
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Oceania, island group consisting of nine coral atolls in the South Pacific Ocean, about one-half of the way from Hawaii to Australia

Total 26 sq km
Land 26 sq km
Water 0 sq km


tropical; moderated by easterly trade winds (March to November); westerly gales and heavy rain (November to March)
Natural Resources

fish ;
Natural Hazards

severe tropical storms are usually rare, but in 1997 there were three cyclones; low levels of islands make them sensitive to changes in sea level
Current Environmental Issues

since there are no streams or rivers and groundwater is not potable, most water needs must be met by catchment systems with storage facilities (the Japanese Government has built one desalination plant and plans to build one other); beachhead erosion because of the use of sand for building materials; excessive clearance of forest undergrowth for use as fuel; damage to coral reefs from the spread of the Crown of Thorns starfish; Tuvalu is concerned about global increases in greenhouse gas emissions and their effect on rising sea levels, which threaten the country's underground water table; in 2000, the government appealed ...See More to Australia and New Zealand to take in Tuvaluans if rising sea levels should make evacuation necessary Show Less


10,698 (July 2013 est.)
Ethnic Groups


Tuvalu consists of a densely populated, scattered group of nine coral atolls with poor soil. Only eight of the atolls are inhabited. The country has no known mineral resources and few exports and is almost entirely dependent upon imported food and fuel. Subsistence farming and fishing are the primary economic activities. Fewer than 1,000 tourists, on average, visit Tuvalu annually. Job opportunities are scarce and public sector workers make up most of those employed. About 15% of the adult male population work as seamen on merchant ships abroad, and remittances are a vital source of income contributing around $2 million ...See More in 2007. Substantial income is received annually from the Tuvalu Trust Fund (TTF) an international trust fund established in 1987 by Australia, NZ, and the UK and supported also by Japan and South Korea. Thanks to wise investments and conservative withdrawals, this fund grew from an initial $17 million to an estimated value of $77 million in 2006. The TTF contributed nearly $9 million towards the government budget in 2006 and is an important cushion for meeting shortfalls in the government's budget. The US Government is also a major revenue source for Tuvalu because of payments from a 1988 treaty on fisheries. In an effort to ensure financial stability and sustainability, the government is pursuing public sector reforms, including privatization of some government functions and personnel cuts. Tuvalu also derives royalties from the lease of its ".tv" Internet domain name with revenue of more than $2 million in 2006. A minor source of government revenue comes from the sale of stamps and coins. With merchandise exports only a fraction of merchandise imports, continued reliance must be placed on fishing and telecommunications license fees, remittances from overseas workers, official transfers, and income from overseas investments. Growing income disparities and the vulnerability of the country to climatic change are among leading concerns for the nation. Show Less ;
GDP Purchasing Power Parity

$37.61 million (2012 est.); $37.25 million (2011 est.); $36.98 million (2010 est.)
Agriculture Products

coconuts; fish

fishing, tourism, copra