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To accomplish our mission making the most responsible and effective use of the resources that the Lord provides, by producing and distributing radio broadcasts, financially supporting national missionaries, providing Christian literature, and employing any other means that will bring honor to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Worldreader is a non-profit on a mission to bring digital books to every child and her family, so that they can improve their lives.

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At Medical Ambassadors International we build relationships with the world’s most vulnerable people and together we work to heal communities both physically and spiritually.

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Human Rights
Modeled on Vietnam Vets Against the War, LEAP brings unquestionable credibility and first hand experience to its critique of our drug policies to wide audiences. Find out why Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow said, "Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is a singular organization whose credibility and experience provide ...See More one of the strongest voices against the War on Drugs anywhere in the world." Show Less
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Causes We Support

Human Rights
Clean Water
Venezuela faces major environmental issues pertaining to pollution, deforestation, and diminishing biodiversity.1 The country also is under threat of rapid deforestation, with more than 290,000 hectares of forests getting destroyed each year.2 Other environmental issues throughout the country include sewage pollution, overfishing, and threats to the rainforest ecosystem due to poor mining practices.3 Venezuela was also a participating country in the Symposium for Climate Change in 2013 held in South America.4 The symposium was designed to share information on building resilience to climate change, as well as determining the financial costs of mitigation programs.5 Venezuela is ranked ninth in the world for biodiversity and is home to 15, 820 species of plants and 137,000 animal species.

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Venezuela News

Miami Herald 
The father of a Venezuelan man gunned down by authorities this week made a very personal appeal to President Nicolás Maduro — saying the president had been his co-worker and had met his son as a child. Speaking to reporters at the Caracas morgue, ... See more..
Local 10 
CARACAS, Venezuela - Lionel Guillen made a living selling food and hygiene products in the black market. In March during an argument over toothpaste, he was fatally shot in Baruta, Globovision reported. Those familiar with the food sector in Venezuela ... See more.. 
Venezuelan troops on Thursday fired what appeared to be rubber bullets at protesters as they attacked the perimeter of an airbase, killing a demonstrator and bringing the death toll to at least 76 in unrest since April. At least two soldiers shot long ... See more..
See More News
Wall Street Journal (subscription) 
Almost two decades after Venezuela's late president, Hugo Chávez, came to power in an electoral landslide, his country's transformation seems to be taking an ominous new turn. A country that was once one of Latin America's wealthiest is seeing its ... See more..
(WSET) -- Violence and unrest happening in Venezuela is motivating one local baseball player to pitch in. Argenis Angulo is a pitcher for the Lynchburg Hillcats, but is from Venezuela where most of his family still lives. "I know they don't want me to ... See more..
Washington Post 
CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuela's Supreme Court cleared the way for the prosecution of the country's chief prosecutor, who became a surprise hero to the opposition after breaking ranks with the government of President Nicolas Maduro over his efforts to ... See more..
CBS News 
The political unrest rocking Venezuela daily is testing the support of many who have benefited from the country's socialist-oriented government -- including its musicians. The Venezuelan music program El Sistema, Spanish for "the system," is known ... See more..
Christian Science Monitor 
After news that Goldman Sachs had bought $865 million in the debt of a state-owned oil company there, opposition leaders in Venezuela were quick to criticize Goldman for throwing out a lifeline to the repressive regime of Nicolás Maduro, who has tried ... See more..
CARACAS Venezuela's central bank is seeking to sell fixed-income securities to Nomura Holdings Inc (8604.T) as a way of raising cash amid an economic crisis, an opposition deputy and a finance industry source said on Thursday, only weeks after a ... See more..
CAPE TOWN — Unless we change those at the helm of our country and tighten up our Constitution to increase accountability and dilute the incredible powers vested in the President and party leaders, the current policy direction is stubbornly and blindly ... See more..
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Northern South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, between Colombia and Guyana

Total 912,050 sq km
Land 882,050 sq km
Water 30,000 sq km


tropical; hot, humid; more moderate in highlands
Natural Resources

petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, gold, bauxite, other minerals, hydropower, diamonds ;
Natural Hazards

subject to floods, rockslides, mudslides; periodic droughts
Current Environmental Issues

sewage pollution of Lago de Valencia; oil and urban pollution of Lago de Maracaibo; deforestation; soil degradation; urban and industrial pollution, especially along the Caribbean coast; threat to the rainforest ecosystem from irresponsible mining operations


28,459,085 (July 2013 est.)
Ethnic Groups


Venezuela remains highly dependent on oil revenues, which account for roughly 95% of export earnings, about 45% of federal budget revenues, and around 12% of GDP. Fueled by high oil prices, record government spending helped to boost GDP growth by 4.2% in 2011, after a sharp drop in oil prices caused an economic contraction in 2009-10. Government spending, minimum wage hikes, and improved access to domestic credit created an increase in consumption which combined with supply problems to cause higher inflation - roughly 26% in 2011 and 21% in 2012. President Hugo CHAVEZ's efforts to increase the government's control of ...See More the economy by nationalizing firms in the agribusiness, financial, construction, oil, and steel sectors have hurt the private investment environment, reduced productive capacity, and slowed non-petroleum exports. In the first half of 2010 Venezuela faced the prospect of lengthy nationwide blackouts when its main hydroelectric power plant - which provides more than 35% of the country's electricity - nearly shut down. In May 2010, CHAVEZ closed the unofficial foreign exchange market - the "parallel market" - in an effort to stem inflation and slow the currency's depreciation. In June 2010, the government created the "Transaction System for Foreign Currency Denominated Securities" to replace the "parallel" market. In December 2010, CHAVEZ eliminated the dual exchange rate system and unified the exchange rate at 4.3 bolivars per dollar. In January 2011, CHAVEZ announced the second devaluation of the bolivar within twelve months. In December 2010, the National Assembly passed a package of five organic laws designed to complete the transformation of the Venezuelan economy in line with CHAVEZ's vision of 21st century socialism. In 2012, Venezuela continued to wrestle with a housing crisis, high inflation, an electricity crisis, and rolling food and goods shortages - all of which were fallout from the government's unorthodox economic policies. The budget deficit for the entire government reached 17% of GDP in 2012, and public debt as a percent of GDP climbed steeply to 49%, despite record oil prices. Show Less ;
GDP Purchasing Power Parity

$408.5 billion (2012 est.); $387.1 billion (2011 est.); $371.5 billion (2010 est.)
Gross National Saving

28.9% of GDP (2012 est.); 30.8% of GDP (2011 est.); 24.2% of GDP (2010 est.)
Agriculture Products

corn, sorghum, sugarcane, rice, bananas, vegetables, coffee; beef, pork, milk, eggs; fish

petroleum, construction materials, food processing, textiles; iron ore mining, steel, aluminum; motor vehicle assembly, chemical products, paper products