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Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania
People Helping Children helps orphaned and abandoned children throughout the world.

Congo (Democratic Republic), Haiti, Mexico, Tanzania
Dot Products is a school supply company that funds education for students around the world. Every product we sell funds half a day of school for our students with our partner organizations in Congo, Tanzania, and Mexico.

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Clean Water, Health, Poverty, Children/Youth, Religion
Relief and development organization helping children worldwide by tackling causes of poverty and developing access to clean water, food, health care, education, and economic opportunities.

Until The Whole World Knows is a non-profit organization that is focused on resourcing churches and individuals to make a global impact with the good news of Jesus.
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Causes We Support

Human Rights
Clean Water
Haiti is currently experiencing extreme environmental and ecological vulnerability.1 Deforestation is a major cause of poverty due to its ability to degrade soil, decrease agricultural outputs, increase water scarcity, decrease farming incomes, and increase malnutrition rates.2 The soil erosion caused by deforestation also contributes to a higher rate of landslides, which destroy crops, infrastructure, and populations.3 Moreover, Haitiâ's tropical climate and geographical location between fault lines increases the frequency of hurricanes and tropical depressions.4 Despite its environmental vulnerability, Haiti has a poor disaster relief response-system due to limited funding.5

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A number of unforeseen events have held up the adoption of Widlene, right, by Vaden Earle and his wife Christl. They include the 2010 Haiti earthquake, a 2013 decision by the Haitian government to put a moratorium on international adoptions, and a new ... See more..
Austin Herald 
Don't let “5K” fool you, the Haitian Hustle covers a lot more ground than your average fun run. There is the roughly 2,200 miles between Austin and the impoverished island nation south of Cuba. Tack onto that the 5 kilometers that Haitian children who ... See more..
Hot Springs Sentinel 
A priest from the small village of Colladere, Haiti, is wrapping up a 10-day visit to Hot Springs on a quest to raise funds for textbooks for his church's school, with the continued help of church members here who have taken his village into their ... See more..
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Arizona Daily Sun 
Standing at the girls' shoulder is Lisa Jobin of Flagstaff, who has been traveling to Haiti since the earthquake and who, with her husband, Dr. John Durham, and fellow volunteers of the Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical Corps (NAVMC), has been ... See more..
Washington Post 
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Authorities in Haiti say at least six people drowned and about 10 are missing after a boat overturned off the northern coast. Local Civil Protection agency representative Jose Rethone says 23 people have been rescued and a ... See more..
Gadsden Times 
Bringing a 30-child orphanage choir from Haiti to the U.S. to sing around the nation isn't as easy as it sounds. If it doesn't sound particularly easy, you're right — it's worse, according to Linda Gunter, co-founder of Georgia ministry Love Him Love ... See more..
Journal Review 
Hess is McClaskey's grandfather and he has visited Haiti several times. St. Bernard's Catholic Church sponsors the village area of Carrefour Sanon. Last summer, he took sevenof his grandchildren, including McClaskey, and other family members to visit ... See more..
North Country Now 
MASSENA -- Dr. Dalkeith Facey, a surgeon who practices at Massena Memorial Hospital, recently traveled to a rural village in Haiti with the nonprofit medical relief organization HYPERLINK ""NNY Hope for Haiti. During the ... See more..
Charleston Gazette-Mail (subscription) 
CRAIG HUDSON | Gazette-Mail - Marc Henry William, 23, and Zaden Ranson, 9, pet the family dog, Bodie, at their home in South Charleston earlier this month. The Ransons and Marc Henry's family in Haiti have been close since 2013, when Jacqui Ranson ... See more..
PICHON/BELLE-ANSE, Haiti – Delicate and petite, Nélia is 25 but looks like a teenager. She has already been pregnant three times, and has endured more than her share of tragedy. She lives in Pichon, a remote community in Belle-Anse, where the nearest ... See more..
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Caribbean, western one-third of the island of Hispaniola, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, west of the Dominican Republic

Total 27,750 sq km
Land 27,560 sq km
Water 190 sq km


tropical; semiarid where mountains in east cut off trade winds
Natural Resources

bauxite, copper, calcium carbonate, gold, marble, hydropower ;
Natural Hazards

lies in the middle of the hurricane belt and subject to severe storms from June to October; occasional flooding and earthquakes; periodic droughts
Current Environmental Issues

extensive deforestation (much of the remaining forested land is being cleared for agriculture and used as fuel); soil erosion; inadequate supplies of potable water


9,893,934 (July 2013 est.)
Ethnic Groups


Haiti is a free market economy that enjoys the advantages of low labor costs and tariff-free access to the US for many of its exports. Poverty, corruption, vulnerability to natural disasters, and low levels of education for much of the population are among Haiti's most serious impediments to economic growth. Haiti's economy suffered a severe setback in January 2010 when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake destroyed much of its capital city, Port-au-Prince, and neighboring areas. Currently the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with 80% of the population living under the poverty line and 54% in abject poverty, the earthquake further ...See More inflicted $7.8 billion in damage and caused the country's GDP to contract 5.4% in 2010. In 2011, the Haitian economy had begun recovering slowly from the effects of the earthquake. However, two hurricanes adversely affected agricultural output and the slow public capital spending negatively affected the economic recovery in 2012. GDP growth for 2012 was 2.8%, down from 5.6% in 2011. Two-fifths of all Haitians depend on the agricultural sector, mainly small-scale subsistence farming, and remain vulnerable to damage from frequent natural disasters, exacerbated by the country's widespread deforestation. US economic engagement under the Caribbean Basin Trade Preference Agreement (CBTPA) and the 2008 Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement (HOPE II) Act helped increase apparel exports and investment by providing duty-free access to the US. Congress voted in 2010 to extend the CBTPA and HOPE II until 2020 under the Haiti Economic Lift Program (HELP) Act; the apparel sector accounts for about 90% of Haitian exports and nearly one-twentieth of GDP. Remittances are the primary source of foreign exchange, equaling 20% of GDP and representing more than five times the earnings from exports in 2012. Haiti suffers from a lack of investment, partly because of weak infrastructure such as access to electricity. In 2005, Haiti paid its arrears to the World Bank, paving the way for reengagement with the Bank. Haiti received debt forgiveness for over $1 billion through the Highly-Indebted Poor Country initiative in mid-2009. The remainder of its outstanding external debt was cancelled by donor countries following the 2010 earthquake, but has since risen to nearly $1 billion. The government relies on formal international economic assistance for fiscal sustainability, with over half of its annual budget coming from outside sources. The MARTELLY administration in 2011 launched a campaign aimed at drawing foreign investment into Haiti as a means for sustainable development. To that end, the MARTELLY government in 2012 created a Commission for Commercial Code Reform, effected reforms to the justice sector, and inaugurated the Caracol industrial park in Haiti's north coast. Show Less ;
GDP Purchasing Power Parity

$13.15 billion (2012 est.); $12.79 billion (2011 est.); $12.12 billion (2010 est.)
Agriculture Products

coffee, mangoes, cocoa, sugarcane, rice, corn, sorghum; wood, vetiver

textiles, sugar refining, flour milling, cement, light assembly based on imported parts