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Yobel exists to alleviate poverty and prevent slavery in the developing world through sustainable business training and opportunity. Yobel International empowers communities both domestically and abroad to eliminate extreme poverty, unjust labor and human trafficking through business training and consumer education. Awareness events and service-based “exposure trips” are used to inform ...See More and challenge our local community to view their global neighbor differently and take an active role in ending poverty and unjust labor around the world. Show Less
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Human Rights
Clean Water
Pakistan's most pressing environmental issues are water pollution from raw sewage, industrial wastes, deforestation, soil erosion, and desertification.1 A few years ago, Pakistan experienced a devastating flood that took a long time to recover from.2 Additionally, air pollution has become a bigger issue recently.3 Since most of the public cannot afford to purchase newer vehicles, they continue to use older models, which have no way to reduce pollution.4 Pakistan has a pressing need to introduce and implement a Clean Air Program.5 Pakistanis have a very despondent view on the pressing burden of climate change in their country.6 Climate change has caused increased temperatures, less rainfall, and lack of agricultural productivity, which is the cornerstone of many Pakistanis? livelihoods.7

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Pakistan News 
Karachi, Pakistan - Pakistan's military has rejected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's decision to fire a top foreign policy advisor over his alleged connections to an article published last year that suggested there was a rift between civilian and ... See more..
Financial Times 
“We would have up to 10 hours of load-shedding,” says Tariq Gulsher, a local resident, referring to the area's power cuts during the latest of Pakistan's energy crises. “Although we could pay people for access to a back-up generator, it was expensive ... See more..
Washington Post 
PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Pakistani police say a minibus has plunged into a ravine in the mountainous northwest, killing 11 people. Police official Ismail Khan says another nine people were injured in the Sunday road accident in Upper Dir district, on the ... See more..
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New York Times 
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Under pressure from Pakistan's military, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ousted two of his top officials on Saturday in a continuing standoff over leaks to the news media of a meeting at which civilian leaders confronted the military ... See more..
Times of India 
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Sunday visited the Line of Control and said his country would continue to support the "political struggle" of the Kashmiris for the right of "self-determination". Bajwa, who toured the areas ... See more..
Hindustan Times 
At least 14 people were killed and several others injured when the vehicle they were travelling in skidded off the road and fell in a deep ravine in northwest Pakistan. The accident occurred near Lawari Top in upper Dir district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa ... See more.. 
"Sometimes that is the main problem with the Pakistan team - you win a game and then become complacent. We don't want that," Misbah cautioned on the eve of the match. "It is more important for us to be at the top of our game in batting and bowling than ... See more..
PESHAWAR Islamic State killed a senior Afghan Taliban official in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar, the Afghan militants said on Saturday, in a rare clash between the rival Islamist groups inside Pakistan. Afghan Taliban sources told Reuters ... See more..
Geo News, Pakistan 
The arrest was made during a Federal Investigation Agency raid at the clinic, which was being run in a private housing society. The raid was carried out on a tip-off, during which the FIA officials caught the two doctors conducting an illegal operation ... See more..
RAWALPINDI: Mohammad Hafeez's all-round show helped Federal Areas beat Balochistan in a thrilling fashion to win Pakistan Cup 2017, Samaa reported. Federal Areas won the toss and invited Balochistan to bat in the final. Balochistan scored 323/9 in ... See more..
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Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea, between India on the east and Iran and Afghanistan on the west and China in the north

Total 796,095 sq km
Land 770,875 sq km
Water 25,220 sq km


mostly hot, dry desert; temperate in northwest; arctic in north
Natural Resources

land, extensive natural gas reserves, limited petroleum, poor quality coal, iron ore, copper, salt, limestone ;
Natural Hazards

frequent earthquakes, occasionally severe especially in north and west; flooding along the Indus after heavy rains (July and August)
Current Environmental Issues

water pollution from raw sewage, industrial wastes, and agricultural runoff; limited natural freshwater resources; most of the population does not have access to potable water; deforestation; soil erosion; desertification


193,238,868 (July 2013 est.)
Ethnic Groups


Decades of internal political disputes and low levels of foreign investment have led to slow growth and underdevelopment in Pakistan. Agriculture accounts for more than one-fifth of output and two-fifths of employment. Textiles account for most of Pakistan's export earnings, and Pakistan's failure to expand a viable export base for other manufactures has left the country vulnerable to shifts in world demand. Official unemployment is under 6%, but this fails to capture the true picture, because much of the economy is informal and underemployment remains high. Over the past few years, low growth and high inflation, led by a spurt ...See More in food prices, have increased the amount of poverty - the UN Human Development Report estimated poverty in 2011 at almost 50% of the population. Inflation has worsened the situation, climbing from 7.7% in 2007 to almost 12% for 2011, before declining to 10% in 2012. As a result of political and economic instability, the Pakistani rupee has depreciated more than 40% since 2007. The government agreed to an International Monetary Fund Standby Arrangement in November 2008 in response to a balance of payments crisis. Although the economy has stabilized since the crisis, it has failed to recover. Foreign investment has not returned, due to investor concerns related to governance, energy, security, and a slow-down in the global economy. Remittances from overseas workers, averaging about $1 billion a month since March 2011, remain a bright spot for Pakistan. However, after a small current account surplus in fiscal year 2011 (July 2010/June 2011), Pakistan's current account turned to deficit in fiscal year 2012, spurred by higher prices for imported oil and lower prices for exported cotton. Pakistan remains stuck in a low-income, low-growth trap, with growth averaging about 3% per year from 2008 to 2012. Pakistan must address long standing issues related to government revenues and energy production in order to spur the amount of economic growth that will be necessary to employ its growing and rapidly urbanizing population, more than half of which is under 22. Other long term challenges include expanding investment in education and healthcare, adapting to the effects of climate change and natural disasters, and reducing dependence on foreign donors. Show Less ;
GDP Purchasing Power Parity

$523.9 billion (2012 est.); $505.3 billion (2011 est.); $490.4 billion (2010 est.)
Gross National Saving

11.1% of GDP (2012 est.); 11.9% of GDP (2011 est.); 14.6% of GDP (2010 est.)
Agriculture Products

cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruits, vegetables; milk, beef, mutton, eggs

textiles and apparel, food processing, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, paper products, fertilizer, shrimp