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Afghanistan, India, Israel, Pakistan, Palestine, United States of America
Children/Youth, Human Rights
Seeds of Peace inspires and cultivates new generations of global leaders in communities divided by conflict. We equip them with the skills and relationships they need to accelerate social, economic, and political changes essential for peace.

Israel, Palestine
Just Vision creates documentary films and multimedia tools to generate media coverage and support for Palestinian and Israeli nonviolence leaders working to end the occupation and resolve the conflict. Just Vision is a team of Palestinian, Israeli, North and South American journalists, human rights advocates and filmmakers working from Jerusalem, ...See More New York and Washington, DC. Show Less

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mali, Morocco, Nepal, Palestine, Peru, Uganda, Vietnam
Human Rights, Health, Education, Children/Youth
The Advocacy Project helps marginalized communities around the world to tell their story, claim their rights, and produce social change.

Israel, Palestine, United States of America
Human Rights
Our Mission CMEP works to encourage U.S. policies that actively promote a just, lasting, and comprehensive resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ensuring security, human rights and religious freedom for all the people of the region.
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On this day in 1949, President Harry S. Truman authorized $16 million in U.S. aid for Palestinian refugees who had been displaced in the aftermath of the 1948 War of Independence waged between Israel and its Arab foes. Truman's action constituted half ... See more..
Stanly News & Press 
The March 12 service at Palestine United Methodist Church was led by Pastor Kevin McCormac. The title of his message was State of the Church Address and scripture reading came from Ephesians 2:1-10, Acts 2:42-47. On March 19, McCormac led the ... See more.. 
Trump has said the deal may not include a separate, sovereign Palestinian state as sought by the past three US presidents. To get talks started, he is pushing Israel to make a good-faith gesture on colonies that is similar in many ways to one former ... See more..
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Center for Research on Globalization 
Professor Doctor Asem Khalil, Ph.D. in Constitutional and International Law, Associate Professor of Law of Birzeit University, West Bank, speaks of ways to consolidate the Palestine State, and definitely end Israeli crimes against humanity in the ... See more.. 
To the left is an auditorium named Edward Said Hall, after the Palestinian American academic, an advocate for the political rights of Palestinians, and a pioneer of post-colonial thought. Above the doorway of Yasser Arafat Hall, which is to the right ... See more..
International Middle East Media Center 
A crisis in Palestine is again all over the headlines. From stabbings and molotov cocktails, to the killing of protesters and anti-Arab lynch mobs–how much of the mass media coverage can we really trust? Abby Martin takes a look at how the so-called ... See more..
Tablet Magazine 
Palestine, now 69, is predominantly known for his sound compositions, which grew out of the same 1960s experimental and avant-garde soundscape inhabited by the likes of Philip Glass, LaMont Young, Tony Conrad, and John Cale. In Palestine's most ... See more.. 
Due to a quirk in the districts (there is no District 14 and District 13 only has one girls soccer team), Palestine will receive a bye in the second round and won't play again until April 3 at the earliest. “It's good but I don't really like it because ... See more..
Washington Post 
There are no baseballs. The bats aren't regulation. They don't even have a baseball diamond, but that hasn't stopped a group of Palestinian athletes from launching the territory's first federation of baseball and softball. “The federation seeks to make ... See more..
Breitbart News 
Freed Palestinian prisoner Palestinian Yehiye Sinwar, a founder of Hamas' military wing, talks during a rally in Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip, Friday, Oct. 21, 2011. Sinwar, a founder of Hamas' military wing, served almost 25 years of four life ... See more..
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