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Saint Martin is incredibly diverse. However, the push for industrialization and increased human activity has destroyed natural habitats and created pollution. In particular, this has damaged the banana and sugarcane industries which in the past have accounted for large sums of the economies.1 The high cost of importing fossil fuels for energy has caused the territory to implement forms of renewable energy, and these energy sources account for 30% of all of the energy supply.2

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Solihull Observer 
CELEBRATIONS were the order of the day at Saint Martin's School as A-level students marked yet another fantastic year of results. Pupils and staff at the independent day school for girls in Brueton Avenue were jumping for joy as they celebrated a 100 ... See more..
Wine Magazine 
Logo In conjunction with Tonnellerie Saint Martin, is pleased to announce the inaugural Pinot Noir Report. Wines will be tasted blind by a three-person panel consisting of Christian Eedes as chairman as well as Roland Peens and James ... See more.. 
To help you get the most out of your eclipse viewing, the new physics professor at Saint Martin's University, Dr. Andrea Kunder, has a few tips as well as some interesting facts about eclipses you most likely don't know. Saint Martin's University ... See more..
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By now, most people are aware that a solar eclipse is occurring on Monday, August 21. For our area, the eclipse will be around 10:15 – 10:30 a.m. Since the last full solar eclipse in the United States happened back in 1979, many people are experiencing ... See more..
The Times 
Anguilla has no land frontier with Europe but its nearest neighbour, the French overseas collectivity of Saint Martin, is considered by the EU as one of its outermost regions. Anguilla's relationship with Dutch Saint Martin, its next closest neighbour ... See more..
L'Éveil Recy/Saint-Martin (N2) a pris le meilleur sur les espoirs Pro A du Champagne Châlons Reims Basket sur son parquet de Pierre-Arnould (91-65). Grégoire PASTRÈS (entraîneur Recy/Saint-Martin) : « Ça a été le jour et la nuit entre la première et la ... See more..
La République du Centre 
Un feu de paille s'est déclaré ce samedi matin, sur un lieu de stockage agricole, chemin de la prairie, à Saint-Martin-d'Abbat. Près de 2.000 tonnes de paille ont été brûlées. Les pompiers sont intervenus vers 9 heures et sont parvenus à maîtriser les ... See more..
Sud Ouest 
Très fort ce week-end, Mathieu Feutrier s'impose en 00:35:15. Cédric Puyo arrive 2nd en 00:36:42. En 00:37:06, Jean-Philippe Pereira accroche une belle 3ème place. Laure Desmurs signe la grosse performance du jour chez les femmes, bouclant l'épreuve ... See more..
la Nouvelle République 
Le bar Le Saint Martin est tenu depuis onze ans par Sylvie Abonneau. A l'image de Michel, sa clientèle aime les lieux pour sa convivialité. « Les gens apprécient d'échanger entre eux au sein d'un bar. Ils viennent du quartier ou de plus loin, ils se ... See more..
la Nouvelle République 
pouligny- saint-martin. 20/08/2017 05:20. > Mairie. Fermée jusqu'au 4 septembre inclus. Perma- nence le 31 août, de 8 h 30 à 12 h, et le 2 septembre, de 9 h à 12 h. En cas d'urgence, s'adresser au maire ou à un adjoint. Suivez-nous sur Facebook ... See more..
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