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Environment, Education, Poverty, Children/Youth, Health, Clean Water, Human Rights, Religion
GoCorps is the on-ramp for recent college graduates to use their degree overseas for two years alongside long-term mission teams and projects. GoCorps removes the most common obstacles to global mid-term service by expediting the process, using one common application for multiple organizations and providing $5000 student loan forgiveness. Show Less

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Clean Water, Health, Poverty, Children/Youth, Religion
Relief and development organization helping children worldwide by tackling causes of poverty and developing access to clean water, food, health care, education, and economic opportunities.

UK, United States of America
Health, Children/Youth, Family
New Directions for Women (NDFW) is a world renowned private drug and alcohol rehab that is internationally accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), to ensure that your loved one will be receiving the highest quality of treatment. Grounded in the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), we offer ...See More evidence based addiction services and are licensed to provide, exclusively to women, detox, residential rehab, intensive sober living, and outpatient services to women of all ages, women with dependent children, and pregnant women. Show Less

Australia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, UK, United States of America
Through the provision of imperative, relevant and practical equipment, services and experiences Variety – the Children’s Charity and its supporters serve children who may fall through the cracks of government funding or other aid.
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Causes We Support

Human Rights
Clean Water
The United Kingdom’s environmental protection agency is most concerned with protecting their environment from pollution and landfill waste, protection of parks, and enforcing regulations that keep water and air clean.1 In 2016, the UK signed the Paris Climate Agreement which binds the nation to cut carbon in all of its electricity by 2030 in hopes to keep global warming temperatures below 2 degrees celsius overall.2

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$ 5,000.00Giraffe Heroes Project, Inc.
speeches and trainings in active citizenship

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LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will issue a cluster of new papers this week to outline its strategy positions in divorce talks with the European Union, ranging from regulation of goods to data protection, the UK's Brexit department said on Sunday. Prime ... See more..
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Cost of commuting unfairly penalises public sector staff and part-time workers, warns union. See more..
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FILE - In this Dec. 16, 2015 file photo, professor Stephen Hawking listens to a news conference in London. Noted physicist Hawking has criticized Britain's health secretary for what he described as the selective use of scientific studies to support ... See more..
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A UK supermarket may have unwittingly infected THOUSANDS of Brits with a virus from EU pigs that can cause liver cirrhosis and neurological damage. Public Health England's warning came after scientists traced the shopping habits of patients found to ... See more.. 
The survey by YouGov shows that only 59 per cent of Britain's 270,000 Jewish people feel welcome in the UK. And three quarters believe the Labour Party harbours antisemites. Since Jeremy Corbyn became leader two years ago he has had to fend off claims ... See more.. 
Britain will enjoy a mini-heatwave next week as temperatures reach their highest levels since the start of this month. Tropical air from Hurricane Gert and an area of low pressure mean that the south of England and East Anglia could see temperatures ... See more..
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The UK terror threat is increasing as so-called Islamic State loses territory in Syria and Iraq, the security minister has said. Ben Wallace said extremists were trying to carry out attacks in the UK because they were either unable to join IS overseas ... See more..
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Whatever the reason, it is striking, as Farah returns to Birmingham for his final track race in the UK on Sunday, how little has changed in two years. Certainly, there have been more spectacular sprint finishes, Mobots and titles. Farah now has a ... See more.. 
The lead singer of UK metalcore band Architects halted a show to call out a sexual assault he witnessed from the stage. The band was performing the Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands when Sam Carter singled out a concertgoer whom he claimed to ... See more..
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Western Europe, islands - including the northern one-sixth of the island of Ireland - between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea; northwest of France

Total 243,610 sq km
Land 241,930 sq km
Water 1,680 sq km

***NOTE*** includes Rockall and Shetland Islands

temperate; moderated by prevailing southwest winds over the North Atlantic Current; more than one-half of the days are overcast
Natural Resources

coal, petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, lead, zinc, gold, tin, limestone, salt, clay, chalk, gypsum, potash, silica sand, slate, arable land ;
Natural Hazards

winter windstorms; floods
Current Environmental Issues

continues to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (has met Kyoto Protocol target of a 12.5% reduction from 1990 levels and intends to meet the legally binding target and move toward a domestic goal of a 20% cut in emissions by 2010); by 2005 the government reduced the amount of industrial and commercial waste disposed of in landfill sites to 85% of 1998 levels and recycled or composted at least 25% of household waste, increasing to 33% by 2015


63,395,574 (July 2013 est.)
Ethnic Groups


The UK, a leading trading power and financial center, is the second largest economy in Europe after Germany. Over the past two decades, the government has greatly reduced public ownership and contained the growth of social welfare programs. Agriculture is intensive, highly mechanized, and efficient by European standards, producing about 60% of food needs with less than 2% of the labor force. The UK has large coal, natural gas, and oil resources, but its oil and natural gas reserves are declining and the UK became a net importer of energy in 2005. Services, particularly banking, insurance, and business services, account ...See More by far for the largest proportion of GDP while industry continues to decline in importance. After emerging from recession in 1992, Britain's economy enjoyed the longest period of expansion on record during which time growth outpaced most of Western Europe. In 2008, however, the global financial crisis hit the economy particularly hard, due to the importance of its financial sector. Sharply declining home prices, high consumer debt, and the global economic slowdown compounded Britain's economic problems, pushing the economy into recession in the latter half of 2008 and prompting the then BROWN (Labour) government to implement a number of measures to stimulate the economy and stabilize the financial markets; these include nationalizing parts of the banking system, temporarily cutting taxes, suspending public sector borrowing rules, and moving forward public spending on capital projects. Facing burgeoning public deficits and debt levels, in 2010 the CAMERON-led coalition government (between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats) initiated a five-year austerity program, which aimed to lower London's budget deficit from over 10% of GDP in 2010 to nearly 1% by 2015. In November 2011, Chancellor of the Exchequer George OSBORNE announced additional austerity measures through 2017 because of slower-than-expected economic growth and the impact of the euro-zone debt crisis. The CAMERON government raised the value added tax from 17.5% to 20% in 2011. It has pledged to reduce the corporation tax rate to 21% by 2014. The Bank of England (BoE) implemented an asset purchase program of up to £375 billion (approximately $605 billion) as of December 2012. During times of economic crisis, the BoE coordinates interest rate moves with the European Central Bank, but Britain remains outside the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). In 2012, weak consumer spending and subdued business investment weighed on the economy. GDP fell 0.1%, and the budget deficit remained stubbornly high at 7.7% of GDP. Public debt continued to increase. Show Less ;
GDP Purchasing Power Parity

$2.375 trillion (2012 est.); $2.371 trillion (2011 est.); $2.349 trillion (2010 est.)
Gross National Saving

10.8% of GDP (2012 est.); 13.5% of GDP (2011 est.); 11.8% of GDP (2010 est.)
Agriculture Products

cereals, oilseed, potatoes, vegetables; cattle, sheep, poultry; fish

machine tools, electric power equipment, automation equipment, railroad equipment, shipbuilding, aircraft, motor vehicles and parts, electronics and communications equipment, metals, chemicals, coal, petroleum, paper and paper products, food processing, textiles, clothing, other consumer goods