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The developing world needs help in getting adequate food, water, and medical aid. These are necessary causes. However, there are over 300 million children walking barefoot in the world, and healthy feet are needed to access water, food, and education. We have found a way to help save a child's ...See More life with well-fitting shoes that make healthier feet possible. Show Less
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Founded in 2001, Kids Without Borders is an all-volunteer international non-governmental organization based in Washington State. Our mission is to “inspire and involve youth in service worldwide”.
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DKT is an innovative and adventurous social marketing enterprise that improves people’s lives.
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Worldreader is a non-profit on a mission to bring digital books to every child and her family, so that they can improve their lives.
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Human Rights
Clean Water
The industrialization of Vietnam’s society has led to more industrial wastes being improperly disposed of. Rivers and the air are being heavily polluted. Cement factories are causing air pollution that is three times that of government air standards. Rapid population growth causes ecological degradation when trees are torn down to make way for larger cities.1 Climate change combined with increased greenhouse gas emissions put more pressure on the environment.2 In 2016, thousands of dead fish washed up on the shores of Vietnam because of water pollution, sparking public protest from people of all sectors. Many people, from farmers to businessmen, have felt the negative effects of poor environmental quality on the economy.3

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Cambodia, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Puerto Rico
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Vietnam News

New York Times 
The picture, of a flaming mushroom cloud dwarfing Manhattan, was commissioned for a 1950 Collier's magazine cover headlined “Hiroshima, U.S.A.” It's a reminder that the American war in Vietnam was, among other things, a product of Cold War paranoia. See more..
Voice of America 
Britain's funding boost to stop people being trafficked from Vietnam and enslaved in brothels, nail bars and cannabis farms must prioritize people most at risk of falling into the hands of traffickers, anti-slavery charities said on Thursday. The ... See more.. 
In northern Vietnam, more than 22,000 hectares (54,300 acres) of rice were damaged in floods triggered by heavy rains last week. Traders estimated over 120,000 tonnes of crops were lost.Â. Due to low stocks, Vietnamese traders were gathering grains to ... See more..
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Eligible Vietnam-era veterans will receive a Service Lapel Pin during a ceremony she's hosting 10 a.m. Oct. 30 at the Bryan Glazer Family Jewish Community Center in Tampa. It's part of an ongoing national effort, passed in the 2008 defense spending ... See more..
A U.S. Army intel officer returns to Vietnam, chasing the enemy spymaster who beat him, hoping to learn more about why America lost the war. See more..
Multi-national tax avoidance and trade will be at the top of the agenda when finance ministers meet in Vietnam for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation talks. See more..
Fox News 
A 68-year-old Vietnam veteran in Massachusetts, hospitalized with multiple ailments, died in July while the nurse's aide assigned to care for him played video ... See more..
Viet Nam News 
The project targets to create added value to the natural resources supporting food production in the three Southeast Asian countries of Việt Nam, Cambodia and Myanmar, while striving to facilitate co-operation between universities and enterprises. It ... See more..
The Register-Guard 
I appreciated Ken Burns' and Lynn Novick's PBS series, showing the terrible costs of the Vietnam War. But it omitted a crucial focus: what we didn't learn from that war. It didn't refer to what the U.S. did to Central America (1970s and 1980s), nor to ... See more..
We recently traveled to Vietnam, and to say life is different there is an understatement. Even as you run into McDonald's, Burger King and KFC along the way, as American culture continues its regrettable conquest of the world. Not to mention the ... See more..
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