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Project World Impact is an online hub that connects socially-conscious people with organizations working to affect positive change in the world.


Are you looking for more funding, visibility, or a way to improve your operations significantly?
We are helping thousands of nonprofits do just that.

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PWI Fund
Up to 25% of Your Supporters' Purchases

PWI Fund is an app and web extension that connects to over 1,800 online retailers and donates a percentage of your supporters' online shopping directly to your nonprofit.

Donations for a Specific Project

Crowdfund projects allow you to to reach a much larger donor base. It’s easy to set up—just create a project, provide some details about it, include video or pictures, and specify the amount of money needed to fund the project. Crowdfund projects also allow millennials to engage with project-based giving like never before. PWI takes 0% of the funds that are donated—so any money raised goes directly to you.

We Take 0%

Project World Impact takes no percentage of donations made to nonprofits. You can choose to receive donations through PayPal, Authorize.Net, and more.

PWI GroupGive
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Allow your supporters to create their own fundraisers to help raise money for your organization. People can donate their birthday, run a race on your behalf, or anything else they can think of in order to help you raise more money. They can share the link with their friends and you can track the money being raised. The money raised will go directly to your account.

Sell Products
Sell Cause-Related Goods

Sell your fairtrade or cause-related goods to help make a difference in the world through commerce. PWI takes a small 15% processing fee from all goods sold through our site in order to cover our overhead, credit card processing, and other incurred fees.

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Your Profile
130 Million People a Month are Searching

There are 130 million searches per month exploring more information or ways to get involved with various causes. As a “central hub for nonprofits”, can dramatically increase your visibility on the web. By establishing your profile, you’ll be able to showcase your work to people who visit our website. You can post videos, photos, stories, and even highlight endorsements and reviews. Grow your social media and email list by linking your social information to your PWI profile.

Google Grant
You Get Access to $240,000

Are budget constraints holding you back from marketing to thousands of brand new donors and people who need your services? PWI is a certified Google Partner that can help your nonprofit apply for a grant that helps you increase your website traffic with $10,000 in advertising dollars each month for 24 months. Our success rate is over 99% and thousands of people are driven to each of our nonprofit’s websites monthly.

PWI Storyteller
Video Testimonials for Maximum Social Media Impact

PWI Storyteller crowdsources video, photo, and written testimonials from your supporters that will post to THEIR social media. We estimate that for every 100 supporters that use Storyteller, over 10,000 potential supporters will be exposed to your organization simply by people sharing their stories! Additionally, you have full access to use any testimonial created through PWI Storyteller for your own website and marketing campaigns.

Leverage PWI’s Influence to Advertise Your Nonprofit

We reach over 2 million people per month, and that number is steadily growing. We have been featured in over 50 major publications and have an email list of over 1 million people. We spend a significant amount of money on advertising to get our nonprofit partners in front of the eyes of the public.

PWI Nonprofit App
The #1 Nonprofit App

Each of our nonprofits is featured on the PWI app. This offers your nonprofit exposure and visibility to the thousands of cause-minded people who search our app on any given day.

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Marketing Resources
Access to the Top Nonprofit Resources and Ebooks

Our content and marketing teams have paired up to create Ebooks that will help you raise more money on social media, start and run a successful #givingtuesday campaign, optimize your website for organic search, convert web traffic into donors, create a strategic plan that actually works, and many more.

PWI Convene
A Customizable Conference App

PWI Convene is a fully customizable conference app. It provides conference attendees with mobile access to real-time conference agendas, breakout sessions, maps, bios, notes, polls, surveys, and more.

Credibility & Reports
Join Thousands of Other Nonprofits includes all sizes of nonprofits—from some of the largest and most famous—to some of the smallest, one-person organizations. This gives a voice and credibility to the great work that many nonprofits are doing. Once you’re on the PWI site, you’ll have access to analytics and reports that show stats for your profile, the causes or locations you support, and much more.

Email List Growth
Expand Your Support Network

We help grow your email list—by making it easy for people to join it directly from your profile. If you don’t have an email list, people who follow your organization will also receive updates when you update your profile.

PWI Events
One Place for All Your Events

Post, promote, and track events for your organization—like conferences, parties, retreats, performances, fundraisers, and more. Users can review the upcoming events, indicate whether they plan on attending, and purchase tickets. PWI takes 0% of any proceeds.

PWI Soapbox
Schedule Your Social Media in Advance

With Soapbox, you can easily schedule, manage, and publish content on all of the big four social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Stay trending and keep your followers engaged throughout the day and night. You set the schedule and provide the content, we manage the publishing. You’ll never have to manually publish and manage posts or limit them to “business hours” ever again.

Join the thousands of nonprofits that are in our network and taking advantage of all the benefits and products available to them.

American Red Cross
World Vision
Compassion International
International Justice Mission
Children’s Hunger Fund
Habitat For Humanity


Explore products that were developed specifically to help you grow your nonprofit.


Create a profile and start discovering the ways you can learn more and impact the world around you.

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PWI Fund
Up to 25% of your purchases are given

PWI Fund is an app and web extension that connects to over 1,800 online retailers and donates a percentage of your online shopping directly to the nonprofit of your choice.

PWI GroupGive
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Create your own fundraiser to raise money for an organization, cause, or country you love. Donate your birthday, run a race, or anything else you can think of in order to help raise more money. 100% of everything you raise will be given directly to your selected organization, so share the GroupGive link with your friends and start raising money today!

PWI Storyteller
Video Testimonials for Maximum Social Media Impact

Share your stories about working with nonprofits, how you have been served by a nonprofit, or why you support a nonprofit via our PWI Storyteller app. Make sure you share your testimonials to Facebook and Twitter for maximum impact.

Buy Fair Trade & Cause Related Goods
Find Products that Support a Cause

Search for and buy Fair Trade and Cause Related goods to help make a difference in the world through commerce.

Support a nonprofit organization, cause, or country you care about

Donate directly to a nonprofit via their DONATE NOW button or via one of their crowdfund projects. You can also choose to simply donate your money to a country (such as India) or cause (such as the environment) of your choosing—and the PWI Foundation Board will distribute the money to organizations and projects with that specific focus. Keep in mind, with all the money you give through PWI, we take 0%, so 100% of your money goes directly to a nonprofit.

Endorsements / Reviews
Let Others Read About Your Experiences

One of the best ways you can help your nonprofit get seen more is by leaving a review of a nonprofit on their profile. Reviews help others better understand the positives and negatives of the nonprofits on our site, which could help others make decisions on where they should make a donation.

Suggest A Nonprofit
Help Make a Connection

If you know of a nonprofit that would benefit from being on the site, please suggest them and one of our staff will reach out to them directly to get them on board.

Discover Nonprofits
How do You Find Nonprofits Doing Great Work?

Search for nonprofits by the cause they serve (12 major causes and over 75 sub-causes) or the location they are focused on (the country or city). You can then read about their mission, work they are doing, see pictures and videos that illustrate their activities, and read reviews about others’ experiences.

Country & Cause Research Information
A “Treasure” of Original Research

You have access to over 5,000 original write-ups—developed by PWI’s researchers and writers—concerning any country or cause you are interested in. If you want to know about the issues that face a specific country, or want more information on a certain cause, you can read about it all on

Country and Cause News Feeds
Latest News at Your Fingertips provides the latest news for each country and cause on the site. It’s a wealth of information that you can see at a glance and a great way to make sure you’re up on the latest happenings! For each country, PWI also supplies maps, demographic data, geographical overviews, and financial information.

Country and Cause Social Media Feeds
Follow the Trends

Follow the most recent Instagram and Twitter content for each country and cause on the site. You can show up on by using the # shown on any country or cause page.

Connect on Social Media
Engage and Follow via Social Channels

Start engaging with nonprofits via social media. You can now follow your favorite nonprofits feeds and get updates as they post content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Email List
Receive Official, Timely Updates

When you sign up for a nonprofit’s email list, you’ll be kept up-to-date with official communications and updates from the nonprofit.


Updated nonprofits, news, and information about our 12 major causes—along with hundreds of sub-causes.


We live in a beautiful, diverse world. Learn more about a specific city or country and find organizations focused on serving that community.


PWI’s marketing arm is focused on providing world class marketing solutions, websites, graphic design, etc. We’ve provided these services to hundreds of nonprofit and for-profit organizations. This has helped us to fund the development of the nonprofit hub—including all of the software and tools—and drive massive exposure for the nonprofits that join PWI.

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